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Thanks Mom And Dad: 8 Unbearable Stages Of Asking Your Parents For Money

As twenty-somethings, we like to believe we’re functioning adults who can get through life with little to no help. For the most part, it’s probably true until you’ve run out of money and are forced to ask your parents for it. It makes you seem like a failure and after a couple of explanations and lots of “I love you!”, your parents will probably relent and give you the money. It’s nice to have your parents’ support, but it doesn’t make you feel any less shitty having to ask for it.

Below are 8 things that happen when you need to ask your parents for money:

  1. Denial
    There’s no way that checking balance is correct. You have to have money in your savings, right? Your credit card is definitely not maxed out, and your paycheck can’t be in until next week.
  2. Brainstorming
    This is when you’ll argue with yourself and come up with ways to get money FAST. This goes from debating on whether you can sell all your possessions, donating blood, or contacting a sugar momma/daddy.
  3. Question Your Habits
    When you realize doing any of those things above won’t put money in your bank account, you start coming up with a list. You debate whether it’s too late to save or change your habits
  4. Realization
    All of the reasoning and debating can’t save you from the inevitable. You’ve come to the conclusion that you have to suck it up and ask your parents. Just because you’ve come to the realization though doesn’t mean you accept it…so you procrastinate just for a few more hours.
  5. Acceptance
    You’ve finally found the courage. You’ve tried to talk yourself out of it a million times because you swear you’re a functioning adult, and have too much pride but at the end of the day…you know it’s time. “HI! So…I need money…”
  1. Panic
    Even though you know your parents will give you money, you’re internally freaking out as soon as you ask. Inevitably, you’re now answering and lying to all the questions that your parents are asking:

    Them: OMG, are you okay?
    You: Yes! (not at all)
    Them: What happened to your savings?
    You: Groceries, Rent (shots at the bar last week)
  2. Regret
    Here comes the lecture. Even though you’ve lied and answered all the questions like any respectable kid would do…your parents can see right through you. They begin to lecture how you would have more money if you didn’t go out as much, ate home more often, and saved all your money. They start to lecture how they saved money at your age, and start to make you feel guilty about all your life choices.
  3. Arbitrary Thank You’s.
    After the “Yes” – the entire lecture just goes through one ear and out the other to be honest. You promise that you’ll be smarter and start saving as soon as you pay off all your debts. Your parents probably think it’s all bullshit but they give you the benefit of the doubt.

As much as you’d like to believe you’re independent, everyone needs their parents help once in a while. It sucks to feel like a failure and to suck up your pride and ask your parents but sometimes it’s necessary. It’s common and to be honest, it’s great to be babied as an adult and know that your parents are there whenever you need it. Of course you want to be independent and make all the right decisions in life but people mess up, and it’s nice to know that your parents are there for you financially and emotionally.

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