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10 GIFs That Prove National Puppy Day Is The Only Holiday You Need

Warning: cuteness overload.

If you didn’t know, today is National Puppy Day, aka the best holiday of the year. I know, I know, Christmas and Halloween and Thanksgiving are pretty good holidays too, but let’s be real: nothing is more important than puppies. In case you need convincing, here are 10 gifs of puppies doing cute things:

1. This puppy running around in the sunshine.

2. This puppy trying to dig a hole in the couch.

3. These puppies just being adorable little fluffs.

4. These puppies scaring the sh*t out of this cat.

5. This puppy catching a ball like a goddamn star.

6. This puppy flopping his ears back and forth because why not?

7. This pup falling over because his head is just too big for his body.

8. This floof who is so good at cuddling.

9. This corgi puppy who is afraid of the door stopper.

10. This puppy who is all of us in the morning.

If that didn’t make National Puppy Day your new favorite holiday, I don’t know what will. In the spirit of the season, go out and cuddle up with some pups and soak in the cuteness. Happy National Puppy Day to all, and to all a paw-fect night!

Featured image via Pixabay on Pexels



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