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10 Reasons Pizza Will Always Be Your Number One

Happy National Pizza Day! We all know that pizza was one of the best food inventions ever created, and it only seems right that we have a day to celebrate this glorious food. If you haven’t already indulged yourself in a slice, what are you waiting for? Of all the foods, Pizza is the ultimate bae, and to celebrate this amazing day – here is a compiled list on exactly why pizza should always be number one:

1. People Disappoint, Pizza is eternal
People always find new ways to disappoint you but pizza is always there. It never leaves you and you don’t have to chase them, it comes when you call. It’s there for you through thick and thin (get it, crust?)

2. It’s one of the few things you can control
Change is constant, and sometimes out of control. You know what we can always control? Pizza – the size, toppings, place, crust. Everything is up to you, isn’t that power amazing?

3. It always hits the spot
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, 2 AM snack – pizza will always taste good. It will never annoy you, or let you down. You can call for it 24/7 and it will always be there in all its glorious form.

4. Pizza never talks back
Are you feeling sassy? Is everyone testing your patience? Do you feel like you need to destress? Call up a pizza because it’s probably saucy. It’ll deal with your sass, and won’t be annoyed or talk back.

5. Booty Call? Pizza Won’t Mind
While your friends with benefit partner may get mad if you call them at 3 am, your local pizzeria is probably stoked that your drunk mind is wanting pizza at the moment.

6. All your friends love when you bring pizza
Unlike when you bring a new bae, you don’t have to worry if they’ll make a good impression or if your friends will like them. With pizza, it’s always a sure hit and everyone is always happy with that choice.

7. So many layers, and endless options
It doesn’t judge – pizza comes in all kinds of forms (bagels, cake, cones, fries, deep dish, thin crust). Pizza accepts everyone, and pizza is kind.

8. It doesn’t matter where it came from
While you may have to question a partner’s sexual history, you won’t ever have to do that before devouring a pizza. No matter where it came from – big shot corporations like Papa Johns or your local pizzeria, pizza will always taste good.

9. The price is always right
Whether you want to be chic and gourmet, or cheap on a $5 budget – there is always an option. You can be glamorous using a knife and fork at a 5 star restaurant or be drunk with a broken heel on the side of the street and that pizza will all taste the same.

10. You know what to expect
You’ve spent years perfecting your favorite pizza order. While sometimes – you’ll go crazy and try something new, you always know that it’ll be good. The same can’t be said about your new Netflix & Chill date. With pizza, you know that it’ll always be chill.

Are you convinced that pizza is your number one love yet? I’ve figured out why I’m single now… because pizza is the only relationship that I need. Be sure to celebrate National Pizza Day and grab a slice with your homeslice.

Written in Collaboration with Aly Meyer

Featured image via Roberto Valdivia on Unsplash


  1. I agree that one of the reasons to get pizza is that it is usually priced appropriately. I know that if I want a quality pizza then I can expect to pay around $15-20. However, if I just need a quick snack, then $5 or less is always available. It is also really nice to have a coupon to get a second one half off or even free.


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