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Lace On Lace: 4 Bralettes That Will Make You Never Wear A Real Bra Again

Many boob owners have recently made the switch from the average underwire bra to the new kid on the block: the comfy, cute, and highly popular bralette. There’s no secret as to why bralettes are finding their way onto so many girls’ wish lists this holiday season; they’re beautiful and barely there. Besides the ultimate comfort of not wearing a bra at all, bralettes are the next best thing.

Due to my fairly large chest, I’ll admit that I was skeptical when first introduced to the bralette. My biggest issue: not having enough support. Bralettes tend to be made of lace, and the thin fabric makes them look as if there’s no way they could replace the ever-durable underwire bra. Surprisingly though, bralettes really do hold their own. They’re not always thin and dainty and there are so many styles to choose from. The three biggest perks? They’re sexy, comfortable, and so much cheaper than regular bras. If you’re new to the bralette phenomenon, here are a couple of styles you can check out to get started:

The Talula Lace Bralette

You can find these beauties at Aritzia. In my opinion, this is the staple bralette. Although it doesn’t offer much support in the underarm/sideboob area due to how low it sits on the back, it looks great on and holds the girls up. The Talula bralette is lace, has adjustable straps, and comes in a variety of colors at a cheaper price than you would expect from Aritzia ($25 USD). Definitely a crowd pleaser. 

The Aerie Lace Cross-Back Bralette

The aerie cross-back is the first bralette I ever tried on. This bralette is great if you’re primarily used to wearing underwire bras with a ton of support. The cross-back aspect of this bra is reminiscent of a sport’s bra and probably offers the most support of all bralettes. The fabric and overall style of this bralette is much thicker than the Talula style, giving you more support all around. This bralette is extremely affordable too; coming in at $20 USD. 

The VS Strappy Cross-Back Bralette

Like all things Victoria’s Secret, you’re pretty much guaranteed to love this bralette. The support level is something between the thin Talula bralette and the Aerie Cross-back. Although this bralette is also a cross-back, it isn’t as thick as the Aerie bralette. It has a “barely there” feel to it while also offering you decent support. Bonus: the strappy cross-back also looks great under backless or cutout shirts. These bralettes come in either lace or cotton and range from $24.50-$29.50 USD.

The Sicily Bralette

Because this bralette is from the lingerie brand For Love and Lemons, it is significantly more expensive than the above bralettes (coming in at around $92 USD). I’ve never actually tried this bralette on for myself, but it looks like the perfect combination of comfort and style. The transparent fabric under the flowers give this bralette a cut-out illusion, which is super hot. This bralette is a little more on the lingerie side, but is nonetheless a comfortable alternative for an underwire bra and emits maturity right off my Christmas wish list.

There you have it ladies, four different bralette styles that’ll have you burying your bras as you know them to be at the very back of your drawers. Even if you don’t think bralettes are right for you, I encourage you to just try one on. Bralettes are anything but restricting, and they offer enough support for everyday activities. Start with a cross-back, and work your way up to the delicate, single-strap bralettes. You won’t regret it.

Featured image via Taryn Elliott on Pexels


  1. I have recently bought a lace bralette and am a Bif fan of it not being binding and restricting like a regular bra. I would like a tip though in how to make the lace bralette not itch so much. Either that or tell me where I can find a bralette comparable to a lace one in design and comfort that is made of silk.


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