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5 Vloggers That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Makeup

Ladies, I have good news: I have compiled a list of new and upcoming beauty gurus for y’all. I’m sure we are all aware of Michelle Phan, Zoe Sugg, Carli Bybel, and Tanya Burr. Their successes and their videos are still buzzing amongst social media sites, and while they rise as they continue on with their career, other aspiring beauty gurus need our recognition as well. The following vloggers I mention in this post made an effect on someone who does not appreciate beauty videos as much such as myself. Their videos are so interesting and unique that I became a fan of videos in this category.

So, without further ado, here is the list of 5 fabulous beauty vloggers you should all be watching:

1. Sammy Robinson

Sammy is one of my favorite YouTubers…after all, she was the first one to teach me that your concealer can also be your tool for highlighting. Before that, I just thought that concealer was for covering your pimples and the bags under your eyes. The first time I tried it the rest of my face was almost makeup-free, and and I looked great! It’s my everyday makeup look now.

2. TinyTwisst

I was instantly hooked to her channel after watching her Miranda Kerr look-a-like makeup tutorial. Her video on the perfect eye makeup for red lips has me obsessed with wearing bold lipstick. Before, I was always afraid of putting a red lipstick on because I never knew what to do with the rest of my face, especially my eyes.

3. Chloe Cori

She’s been featured in several Seventeen magazine issues and is a fellow college student. She does a lot of DIYs, and gives the best advice for various college inspired looks. She does a lot of subtle makeup tutorials that are perfect for when you want to look au naturel with a dash of makeup. Ultimately, her videos are the reason that I breathe.

4. Hayley Kassel

Anyone out there like to be adventurous with their look? Well, Hayley’s makeup videos are filled with bold and bright eyeshadows. If you want to look fierce and unique at your holiday parties or high school reunions that are coming up, watch her channel now.

5. Nathalie Paris

You wouldn’t believe this, but Nathalie is only 16 years old. But who cares, when she flaunts her beauty with her one-of-a-kind makeup skills. Her specialty is highlighting and contouring, and through her I found out about “baking.” It’s a MUST-DO procedure after you finish highlighting, and before you contour your face. Holy moly, it’s been my go-to makeup procedure for parties ever since I found out about it.

So, here are the top five beauty vloggers you need to watch ASAP. Each of these girls have a voice and style of their own, which will never fail to entertain anyone who watches. The way that they teach girls to be confident in their looks always inspires me. The best part about these gals is that they don’t have too many subscribers yet, so follow them and learn before everyone else does!

Featured image via Chloe Cori on Instagram



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