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14 Things I Want My Future Children To Know

To my Future Children,

1. I want you to have a fulfilling life but I fear a future for you with no jobs, no stability, and no ability to achieve your goals.

2. When I consider the idea that you will one day exist and think about what I want for you, I am afraid. I am afraid to bring you into a world with so much hate and fear.

3. I want you to love as many things and as many people as you can but I fear that may be difficult if I accidentally let you catch a glimpse of the 5 o’clock news.

4. I want you to love to learn and be educated, but I fear that maybe I won’t be able to put you through college with the rising expenses of it.

5. I want you to be healthy but I worry that our world is so polluted, keeping you safe will be an impossible task.

6. I want you to learn from my mistakes, but I know you’ll make just as many of your own and I fear having to watch your heart break.

With all this fear, there is hope. I know that aside from all the things I want for you, there are things you deserve.

7. You deserve to exist and to have your chance to leave a mark on this world.

8. I want things to get better, and I’d like to believe that my children will be the kind of people who help make the changes so desperately needed.

9. I want you to be able to dream. I want you to be able to get excited about things and be passionate.

10. And because dreams don’t always come true, I want you to be strong. I want you to be able to keep pushing forward and growing from every challenge life throws your way.

11. I want you to travel because you need to see the beauty in this crazy world and learn to appreciate it.

12. I want the opportunity to be your caregiver, your cheerleader, your biggest fan, and your best friend.

13. I know that bringing a child into the world is the scariest, most life changing thing a person can do and it scares the hell out of me. But I want to do it because I want to see everything you can do and become.

14. I don’t know who or what you will be but I know that whatever you are, I want you to be the best damn one you can possibly be.

Most of all, I want you to know, I want you.

Your Someday Mother

Featured image via RODNAE Productions on Pexels



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