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15 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Best Friend Now

Best friends. In elementary school, they were the ones who played Barbies with us, and in middle school, we’d stay up late giggling about our crushes. We tried our first sip of alcohol with them in high school, and although many friendships have turned to Facetime in college, they’re the first to know about the cute boy who stayed up with you all night studying for finals. Before you know it, you’ll be helping each other pick out your wedding dresses and soon after, probably cribs.

Your best friend has seen you at your highest highs and lowest lows, and they still love you. Whether it be when they bought your must-have leggings because you left your wallet at home, or when they picked you up at 8 am the morning after a party, there are plenty of reasons you should be thanking your BFFL.

1. If you get dumped, they don’t even question whether or not to come over with wine and chocolate.

It’s a sob, pretend to watch Netflix, and badmouth our exes kind of night.

2. They hold your hair back for you when you puke.

And clean it up when you puke all over yourself and don’t even know what’s going on.

3. You don’t need to have something to do to have fun.

You are perfectly content laying on their floor for 5 hours just as long as you’re in their company.

4. You can send screenshots of texts and tweets with no explanation.

They already know exactly what you’re thinking about that girl that bullied you in 6th grade just getting preggers and posting her ultrasound to Instagram.

5. Your secrets are safe with them.

After all, who else knows about your secret elementary school giraffe-collecting obsession?

6. Their presents are pretty much the only ones you like.

While your great-aunts are buying you strange footsie pajamas, they’re picking out the perfect mini flask and exact flavor of tic tacs you’re addicted to. And if for some reason you don’t like their gift, they’ll gladly keep it.

7. You can’t stay mad at each other.

Because who else are you going to vent to about them, than them?

8. They never refuse ordering pizza with you late at night.

And they already know exactly which toppings you’re going to order.

9. You two are perfectly content with either staying in or going out.

It’s the best of both worlds, no matter what.

10. You have endless amounts of inside jokes.

You can’t help but use them when you’re in the company of others and don’t really care how annoying it is.

11. You basically live at their house.

Ringing the doorbell or knocking is unheard of. And they have your garage code to your parent’s house memorized.

12. You never run out of things to talk about.

It makes you wish talking to everyone was this easy.

13. You have ugly-cried around each other innumerable times.

And she can still look at you the same way.

14. They are the first to favorite your tweet or like your Instagram post.

They’ll find some way to like it twice to get you to 11.

15. You miss them exponentially if you’re not in contact for more than a day.

But as soon as you’re back together, it’s as if it’s right where you left off.

Whether you’re across the country or simply across campus from your BFF, your thankfulness can get lost in both of your busy schedules. So this is here to say ‘thank you,’ BFFs, for listening to our tearful rants and always texting back instantly. I’d choose a night in with you and pizza over a night out with some lame acquaintances any day.

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