From Video Game To TV: “The Last Of Us” On HBO Has Everyone Hooked

Naughty Dog’s 2013 critical and commercial smash hit video game, The Last of Us, is artful in every aspect and perspective. I will not...

6 Beautiful Quotes From Books You Should Read This Year

Books are wonderful for people of all ages. They allow us to easily get wrapped up and personally invested in the various plots and...
Woman Making Midlife Career Change

How To Successfully Make A Midlife Career Change

A midlife career change is significantly more complex than a straightforward job change. Before adjusting and succeeding in your new pursuit, you'll have to...

5 Shows From 2022 That You Need To Watch

2022 has definitely been a great year for TV shows. From new to returning shows, streaming services have provided us with a lot of...

33 Exciting Ways To Make New Friends In Your Community

Making new friends can seem challenging — especially after moving to a new city or ending an intense relationship. But jumpstarting...

To The Girl Who Hides During Father Daughter Dances

In 2019, I lost my dad, and every day since, I’ve learned to cope with this loss. There are...

“Bell Let’s Talk” Is Celebrating 13 Years, So Let’s Talk About It

Let’s get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Easier said than done, right? Of course it is.  The negative...

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Go Back To Your Ex

We've all been there — you broke up with your ex a while ago and for a good reason,...

Why Your Relationship With A Narcissist Isn’t A Real Relationship

Loving a narcissist is an almost-relationship. Judge me if you will, but I liked him, despite his avowed player-ness and he...

8 Adorable Ideas For Spending Valentine’s Day At Home

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that people have mixed opinions about. Some like to pamper their partners,...
Woman Using Dating Apps To Right Match

How To Find The Right Match On Dating Apps

Millions of us now, almost exclusively, meet potential dates, hook-ups, and partners via dating apps. In fact, a recent...

5 Ways To Stop Chronic Illness From Damaging Your Relationships

In researching my book The Indestructible Relationship, I interviewed dozens of couples who had suffered through illness and trauma....

Two Sides To Every Story: Contemporary Books That Perfectly Showcase Multiple Viewpoints

There are two sides to every story. Multiple viewpoints can help enrich a story, intertwining their POVs or providing...
Woman Giving Present To Partner

5 Tips For Getting The Perfect Present For Your Partner

It’s easy to be cynical about gift-giving, especially in relation to dates and events that are perhaps less personal,...
Person Viewing The Bronx

4 Top-Rated Attractions In The Bronx

Every year, travelers find the city of Bronx to have a lot to offer. It's a place to call...

Why Shining A Light On Disabilities Is So Important

The year is 2007 and two siblings with disabilities created a company called 3E Love. The innovators were Annie...

5 Steps To Radiate Love From The Inside Out To Attract ‘The One’

Attraction is tricky. And when it comes to finding love, we all want to manifest a beautiful and satisfying...

4 Must-See Places In Austria To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

Austria is one of the most desirable places to live, and anybody who has been at least once would...

6 Reasons To Start Watching Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns Online

You might think the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons is only for nerds (and the kids from “Stranger Things”),...

4 Low Cost Attractions In Florida You Need To Visit

Florida is a popular tourist destination for families and couples alike — mostly because it has great weather and...

Women With These 4 Personality Traits Are The Best People To Know

Ever notice how the most confident and attractive women you know seem to charm everyone around them? It's not...

How Health Care Workers Saved Damar Hamlin’s Life

Imagine this: you’re a typical 24-year old-athlete getting ready for your Sunday night football game. Everything is going well,...

12 Perks That Come With Dating A Teacher

Teachers are angels on earth. They go to school to teach students all day who are usually hyped up...

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Suffering From Trust Issues

You know that feeling when your head is spinning around on a merry-go-round? Have you experienced this in your relationship...
Boy With Pokemon Poke Ball

It’s The End Of The Pokemon Journey For Ash

Nothing gold can stay, and our very own Ash Ketchum has finally reached the pinnacle of his journey in...

To All Women Who Think They Don’t Need Feminism

If you don’t feel like Feminism is important, and that it doesn’t benefit you in any way, I have...

6 Blunt Things I Want My Daughter To Know About Real Love

Dear Daughter, Throughout your lifetime you will run into lots of dating advice about how to "catch" a man, how...

4 Ways To Reduce Stress And Boost Your Libido

Unfortunately, we live in a stressful world, and stress can reduce your sex drive. When you feel stress, your...

5 Tips For Selling More Of Your Products Online

Selling beauty products is a great way to earn some cash on the side. With some hard work, you...
Woman Not Body Positivity

I’m So Sick Of The Body Positivity Movement

As is the case with every January, as soon as the first week of the New Year rolled around,...

The Next Generation Needs Us To Be Better NOW

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world...

Back In The Dating Game: 8 Dating Tips For People Over 50

No matter your age, you can still experience the tingly feeling of new love. Dating again at 50 is...

5 Movies Coming To Theaters In 2023 To Look Out For

Now that we’re past 2022, it’s time to look ahead to see what’s coming in 2023! Since there are...

Why I’m Moving Back Into an Apartment After Living In a House

I moved into my first apartment when I was a sophomore in college. Right before my senior year, I...

What Happened When I Stopped Saying ‘No’ To My Husband For 30 Days

I stopped saying no to my husband for 30 days. Why? Out of desperation. At a peak moment in...

What Does It Truly Mean To Live In the Moment?

Being that we live in such a fast-paced and demanding world, sometimes it's hard to just relax, vibe, and...

The Hilarious Story On How I Wrote A Script in 24 Hours

To kick off the beginning of 2023, I decided to challenge myself by pulling an all-nighter and writing a...

Even Though Life Can Be A Rollercoaster, You’re On The Right Path

Life is interesting — it can derail and send you spinning at any point. One moment, you are on...

How To Make The First Move As A Woman

"He never calls!" Jeanette mournfully tells her friends. She and Rick have been dating for over a month now....

5 Confidence-Boosting Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

Your twenties are the perfect time to experiment with new hobbies. While you’re at it, they can even boost...

These 15 Phrases Are Signs He’s Not Into You

Guys aren't that hard to decode. And this is especially true when you're trying to figure out if he's...

8 Things That Are Draining Your Car’s Battery

In areas without mass transit and with record-setting snow storms dominating a large portion of the US, a vehicle...

8 Years Since I Reported My Abuse & My Life Has Forever Been Changed

Eight years ago on January 12, I gave my first statement. I was in class. We were doing roll-call...

Is Love Really All You Need For A Successful Relationship?

No one wishes this quote from the Beatles were true more than me: "All you need is love... love...

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