4 2019 Fashion Trends You’re Going To See Everywhere

Just before anyone could get comfortable with the wardrobe trends in 2018, 2019 is already here. The...
Model Chloe Traichel talks about the fashion industry

Model Chloé Traichel Opens Up About The Fashion Industry

In 2003, America’s Next Top Model captured the attention of the general public. We became transfixed by...

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The 5 Most Basic College Halloween Costumes

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Land Of The Free, Home Of The Braless

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No Longer Fugly: 6 Looks That Are Surprisingly Trendy Again

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Honesty is the Best Policy: Legging Season

Let's be honest. Despite what the weatherman says, the climate from October until March in this "Livable Community" is...

5 Summer Fashion Trends Not Everyone Can Pull Off

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5 Trendy Bags To Carry You (And Your Things) Into The Real World

We can’t hear it enough: the key to success after college is internships, internships, internships! College practically isn’t complete...

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