6 Ways To Rock Black Lipstick Better Than Kylie Jenner

The black lipstick trend hit us last fall, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. It's been incorporated...

7 Reasons You Need To Start Shopping Alone

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10 Underrated Places To Buy Cute And Affordable Workout Clothes

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I Love You Leggings: An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Leggings, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for...

Young, Wild and Free: To Bra, or Not to Bra?

Every girl in the bra-wearing Western world can attest to the fact that the best part of any day...

The 5 Most Basic College Halloween Costumes

If it's one thing college girls live for, it's fall. We live for the pumpkin spice lattes we know...

Sweatpants, Hair Tied: Why You Shouldn’t Dress to Impress

A lot of relationships today start of from physical attraction. Let's say a guy likes what you are wearing...

What Are We Thinking: The 8 Latest WTF Fashion Trends

In the 90's, we wore leotards with jeans. In the 2000's, we sported denim mini-skirts with mesh tops. What...

These Tweets Perfectly Sum Up Why You Can’t Stand Forever 21

Whenever you go into the mall you always have a few stores you automatically go into. Bath & Bodyworks...

Polar Vortex Chic: Because Frostbite is So Not Cute

Alright, I’ve pretty much had enough of these crazy below-average temperatures..Polar Vortex, can you not? The thing I hate...

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