Plus-Size Outfits For Every Kind Of Spring & Summer Wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching, and like you, we’ve got our eyes peeled for flattering, stylish dresses...

10 Creative Ways To Make Your Outdated Clothes Trendy Again

Honestly, what mid-20-year-old isn’t living the poor life right now? Unfortunately, living on a tight budget means you can’t...

What Guys Vs Girls Think About The Choker Trend

Remember the 90s, when black tattoo chokers were ~totally~ in? Everyone from Britney Spears to your next door neighbor...

To Wear Makeup, Or Not To Wear Makeup: Should That Even Be A Question?

Published by Allie Reese. I recently decided to Google the following phrases: "women wear makeup", "women no makeup", "women makeup". Here...

Dior Pulls Latest Ad Amid Accusations Of Cultural Appropriation

This past week, Dior released a new ad for their “Sauvage” cologne, but they soon took it...

4 Ways You Can Legally Wear White After Labor Day

Ever since I was a young, impressionable girl, one of my favorite shows has been TLC’s What Not to...

Handbags Exposed: What You Find in a Girl’s Bag

Ah, the oversized bag trend. It has become more and more popular over the years, yet I still remember...

Why You Should Be Able To Wear Whatever The Hell You Want

I would argue that we live in a society that seemingly attempts to dictate what individuals should, or should...

6 Winter Outfits Ideas You Can Wear On Repeat

While the bitter cold isn’t exactly our idea of fun, the opportunity to layer our wardrobe totally is....

Polar Vortex Chic: Because Frostbite is So Not Cute

Alright, I’ve pretty much had enough of these crazy below-average temperatures..Polar Vortex, can you not? The thing I hate...

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