I Love You Leggings: An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Leggings, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate everything you do for...

What Are We Thinking: The 8 Latest WTF Fashion Trends

In the 90's, we wore leotards with jeans. In the 2000's, we sported denim mini-skirts with mesh tops. What...

3 Reasons Why You Should Leave The Lazy Look Behind This Semester

I walk into the dining hall, starving for my first meal of the day and discombobulated as I scan...

Dress Codes: Why Women are More Than a Distraction

There’s a heated debate currently racing across North America surrounding the potential idea that “slut-shaming” starts with dress codes...

The 5 Most Basic College Halloween Costumes

If it's one thing college girls live for, it's fall. We live for the pumpkin spice lattes we know...

Short Hemlines And Snap Judgments

Published by Allie Reese. Figuring out fashion and clothes can be as frustrating as desperately searching for your LBD by digging...

To Wear Makeup, Or Not To Wear Makeup: Should That Even Be A Question?

Published by Allie Reese. I recently decided to Google the following phrases: "women wear makeup", "women no makeup", "women makeup". Here...

READ THIS Before Your Next Shopping Trip To Your Favorite Stores

We all have our favorite stores that have somehow worked their way into our hearts for a variety of...

Eat More, Shop Less at Urban Outfitters

“Eat Less” is the quote that Urban Outfitters decided to put on a shirt in their newest line of...

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Braless

You know that life-changing feeling, the one where you finally take off your bra after hours of its suffocation...

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