The “Perfect Body” Campaign: Why We Will Keep Falling For This Type Of Advertising

Victoria’s Secret recently became public enemy number one with the controversial “The Perfect Body” campaign. If you haven’t seen...

4 Pinterest-Inspired Nail Art Ideas That Are Actually Doable (We Swear)

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Barefaced Beauty: 10 Tips To Look Flawless Without Makeup

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The Monster In The Mirror: The Truth About Hating Your Body

Hey there, I'm Beth. I run, lift, and own more workout tops than I can count. I nourish my...

True Life: I Was Unfaithful to my Hairdresser

I bet there’s one woman or man in your life whom you’ve cheated on at least once, and whom...

Why Ditching Makeup Is The Best Decision Any Girl Can Make

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Freckles On Fleek: Why You Should Embrace Your Spots This Summer

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A DIY Face Mask You’ll Never Want To Spend Another Night Without

Charcoal face masks are incredible and the world needs to know now. As a passionate DIYer, I’ve tried almost...

Love The Skin You’re In: 10 Ways To Make Your Face Look Flawless

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6 Summer Nail Colors You Need To Consider For Your Next Pedicure

It’s that time of year again! Open-toed shoe season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the...

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