No More Raccoon Eyes: How I Finally Dealt With My Beauty Concerns

Beauty, both inside and out, is essential. It’s about feeling good in your skin and body and boosting your confidence. In my twenties, I faced many common beauty concerns, like acne, premature wrinkling, brittle hair and nails and unwanted hair growth.

Being away from home for studies and work meant I had no one to guide me through these challenges. I decided to be my own guiding light and started solving all the concerns independently.

Acne Was The First Issue I Tackled.

Being in my twenties means hormonal fluctuations, career stress, and whatnot. All of these led to acne. Those persistent pimples and occasional breakouts were a constant source of frustration. I started by researching home remedies and simple skincare routines.

One practical remedy I found was cucumber and mint smoothie. It kept my gut healthy and helped my acne and skin health. Another game-changing remedy was using tea tree oil. This natural antiseptic helped clear my skin without causing dryness.

Skin Care Products Matter.

I switched to a non-comedogenic cleanser that effectively removed dirt and impurities without stripping my skin of its natural oils. Following this with an oil-free, hydrating moisturiser helped keep my skin balanced and nourished. This simple yet effective routine prevents clogged pores and reduces acne breakouts. 

I Fixed Premature Skin Wrinkling.

Next, I focused on the fine lines and wrinkles appearing on my face. Constant stress and a busy schedule left my face looking tired and dull, and I was looking for how can I remove forehead wrinkles. I took steps to rejuvenate my skin to restore its natural glow.

Exfoliation became essential. Twice a week, I used a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells and boost cell turnover. I also used serums and moisturisers with retinol, peptides, and hyaluronic acid—prescribed by my doctor. These products effectively reduced wrinkles and smoothened my skin.

Said GoodBye To Brittle Hair and Nails

Another concern that cropped up on me was brittle hair and nails. I wanted to blow dry and try different hairstyles, but my hair quality never held up–it was pretty saddening for me. But guess what—I fixed it! 

Taking biotin supplements was like shooting two points with one arrow. It improved the health of my hair and nails. But it’s not just this; eating protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts, and fish gave me the nutrients for strength and growth. 

Deep conditioning my hair once a week helped restore moisture and shine. I also avoided excessive heat styling and used a heat protectant whenever I used a blow dryer or flat iron.

Removing The Unwanted Hair Growth.

Due to PCOS, unwanted hair growth on my chin and excessive hair on my legs and arms always pulled my confidence levels down. Shaving and waxing were temporary solutions that often left my skin irritated. It was time to look for more long-lasting and soothing solutions. 

I booked a consultation for laser hair removal Leeds. The laser sessions were quick and did not cause much discomfort, and the results were worth it. Over a few months, I noticed a significant reduction in hair growth, and my skin felt smoother than ever.

That day and now, I have never turned back to shaving or waxing. I no longer worry about stubble or ingrown hairs, and I can wear whatever I want without second-guessing myself.

Self Love Is the Best Kind Of Love

Taking care of myself was like giving myself the love I needed the most at that time. 

I realised that addressing these beauty concerns had a profound impact on my confidence and mental health. Taking the time to care for my skin, hair, and body made me feel more in control and empowered. It was a reminder that self-care is not just about appearance but also about feeling good and taking care of your well-being.

To All The Girls Out There!

If you are in your mid-twenties and facing similar beauty concerns, it’s time to take charge of your beauty routines. It’s okay to invest time in yourself and find solutions that work for you. Whether battling acne, treating dull skin, strengthening brittle hair and nails, or finding a permanent solution for unwanted hair, taking care of your beauty needs can significantly enhance your confidence and mental health.

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash


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