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TikTok’s Matt And Abby Aren’t Cute — They’re Toxic

If you’ve been on TikTok for the past few years, you’re probably familiar with the couple Matt and Abby. They gained popularity in 2020 when they debuted their TikTok page.

At the start, Matt and Abby were a picture-perfect couple. They were high school sweethearts who tied the knot early, and their early content reflected their blissful relationship. Their videos were filled with fun, lighthearted moments, and they often shared their love, adventures, and everyday life. This relatable content endeared them to many viewers, sparking a sense of nostalgia and hope for their future.

However, as their following grew and the pressure to produce more content increased, the tone of their videos shifted. What was once charming and endearing started to raise eyebrows among some of their fans. The playful teasing and pranks that characterized their early videos became more intense and seemed more like insults than jokes to some. 

It wasn’t long before discussions arose, with many pointing out Matt’s apparent controlling and demeaning behavior.

Over time, their content took a turn. Videos that were meant to be humorous started to show a different side of Matt. His sarcastic comments about Abby, often in situations that made her uncomfortable, began to dominate their content. Jokes about her intelligence, appearance, and abilities started to feel less like harmless fun and more like a pattern of undermining and disrespect. This gradual shift in Matt’s behavior should raise concerns and make the audience feel invested in the couple’s relationship.

A video from the past year shows the couple discussing that they were not initially attracted to each other. Abby makes the statement first, showcasing her feelings, and Matt rather quickly says, “Same!” It caused some raised eyebrows in the comment section; it looked like Matt’s response was a secret he wanted to get off his chest, appearing a bit too eager to agree with Abby. It made viewers wonder if Matt still thinks this way about his wife.

This was not the last video to make the audience tilt their heads in confusion. In one of their most recent videos, Matt discussed with Abby on their podcast how they chose not to celebrate Father’s Day this year. This was because Matt’s birthday fell on Father’s Day last year, and Abby made the decision to celebrate the two events together. Matt’s disposition in the video seemed not only immature but also ungrateful. 

While it makes sense that Matt felt disappointed, he came across as immature and, frankly, rude. 

His wife, who was pregnant at the time, did the best she could for the day. But Matt seemed ungrateful, leaving a sour taste in many viewers’ mouths.

After witnessing these videos, many feel that Matt’s attitude and behavior towards his wife reflect deeper issues within the couple’s relationship. They’ve noted that the power dynamics in their videos suggest a lack of respect and equality. You can easily see this in several videos, where Abby’s reactions to Matt’s comments look genuinely hurt at times, even if she laughs them off.

When Matt and Abby attempted to address their audience and clarify their relationship, the response was far from unanimous. Some viewers found their explanations reassuring, while others remained skeptical. The more content the couple produces in this vein, the more the audience’s mixed signals will increase, leaving them uncertain and curious about the couple’s future. 

Hopefully, the couple matures over the next few months, or their relationship will be “kinder.” While I understand that their love story may look different off-screen, it still makes me uneasy when their videos pop up on my FYP. If things don’t get better, Abby might be out of the relationship sooner than we realize. This could have serious implications not just for their personal lives but also for their public image and the impact they have on their audience.  

What do you think?

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