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Take Your Dog To Work Day: How To Celebrate


June 21 is Take Your Dog to Work Day! What fun! Most dog owners love this day; who doesn’t want to work alongside their furry best friend? 

If you have a dog, consider taking them to the workplace today!

Having friendly dogs in the workspace can improve the day. Dogs can lift morale, bring joy, and promote conversations. Even coworkers who normally don’t communicate much will find themselves talking more. After all, everyone wants to meet dogs! This is a great day to bring your pet-friendly dogs to the office.

But before you bring your dog, there are things to consider.

For example, if your workplace has a service dog, respect them and their handler. Continue ignoring the working service dog so they can do their job. That also means keeping your furry friend away from the service dog. 

Service dogs play a huge role in keeping their handlers safe. If you or your dog distracts the service dog, it could cause the service dog to miss an alert. This can be very dangerous to the handler’s well-being. 

With that said, this day is a powerful one.

As long as you have your dog under control (either on a leash or under voice control), bringing your dog to work is a delight. I know I do my best work when my dog is with me. 

For dog lovers, having a dog in the workplace releases oxytocin in our brains and can make the day fly by because of the joyful feelings they bring to us. Remember, though, that people without dogs may not want to interact with your dog. It’s always okay to ask if your dog can say hello before letting them say hi. However, for others who can’t or don’t have dogs but still love them, they can light up even the most serious of coworkers. 

Before bringing your dog to work on June 21, confirm with your boss and workplace that they are partaking in this holiday to be respectful to all. And, if you can bring your dog to work, remember to pack a water bowl, treats to keep your dog under control, food, and a blanket or mat that your dog can settle on while you work. 

If having your dog in your place of work distracts you or others, consider leaving them at home. And, if your dog is not pet or people-friendly, please leave your dog at home; the workplace can be overwhelming to fearful dogs. 

There is no shame in opting out of this day. You’ve got to do what’s best for you and your pup. But if your dog can handle the office, or wherever you work, it is a wonderful day to enjoy your furry friend and connect with coworkers over a common love for animals.

Photo by Svetozar Milashevich on Pexels



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