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Stop Making Guilt An Ingredient In Your Food

I have always heard that certain foods like Oreos, cakes, and chips are bad, and fruit, veggies, and salads are good for you. It wasn’t until I was in middle school that I started labeling my food as good or bad and avoiding certain foods because of their stigma and the guilt I felt. This pattern of good and bad labeling made me look at labels to justify indulging in certain foods before eating them, depending on their calories. I would feel guilty about eating whatever it was, so I didn’t eat it. I was even on two diets that I hated. And I hated every minute of it. 

Having this kind of relationship with food wasn’t and isn’t good or realistic for me. I realize that now.

My relationship with food is better now, and I am beyond grateful. Unfortunately, because of decades of diet culture prevalent in our society, millions of people, men and especially women, have food and body image issues. A lot of people have felt guilty about their food choices at least once in their lives, and many have also experienced eating disorders. 

To combat misinformation, Liam Fisher-Layton is a content creator who debunks myths about foods and healthy eating. He also shares and tries different recipes on his Instagram. One of my favorite posts from him is about how guilt is not an ingredient and how we should stop using it as one. I couldn’t agree more. 

Food is just food. We need to break free from the guilt that we attach to it.

This behavior is not only unhelpful but also detrimental to our mindset about food and how we perceive it. We need to stop this cycle for our own sake and for the sake of future generations. We need to redefine our relationship with food and turn it into one that is free from guilt and negative associations.

I understand why eating healthy is essential, and we all should aim to do so. But we need to allow ourselves to enjoy some sweets and junk food now and then without feeling guilty. Why do I say this? Because guilt has never been and never will be an ingredient in food. That’s why we should stop telling ourselves that it is. I am not saying you need to stop eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What I am saying is that you have to enjoy food without feelings of guilt.

Food is food, and it’s all OK to have it in moderation. If we put this into practice individually as a society, we will all have a better relationship with food.

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  1. A powerful reminder to enjoy our meals without negative emotions. Thanks for sharing this important perspective—we’re inspired to embrace a healthier relationship with food and savor every bite guilt-free!


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