Cancel Culture Has Gone Too Far & It Needs To End

Thanks to social media, “cancel culture” has taken over society, affecting the way that our generation feels and behaves. The internet is full of viral posts detailing people’s problematic behavior and why we should all cancel them. 

Yet one question remains: Has cancel culture gone too far?

Cancel culture blocks people from expressing themselves and voicing their opinion. People fear judgment and ridicule if they state controversial opinions, or simply opinions different from others. This is especially true for celebrities and social media influencers, as their work makes significant impact on our daily lives. 

But even if the average person isn’t famous, that doesn’t mean celebrities and influencers are any less human than we are. Everyone has different opinions. We all say things others’ don’t agree with. That doesn’t mean we have to cancel anyone, though. As long as we take the time to listen to others and  understand why someone feels the way they do, we don’t have to cancel anyone. 

Cancel culture has negatively influenced people’s opinions and mindsets regarding what society ought to be like. Celebrities share their opinions, others disagree, and before long, a social media frenzy starts when it shouldn’t. Everyone has their own opinions, but they shouldn’t affect their professional lives. Actors and actresses put a lot of effort into the craft, and they shouldn’t lose it all because they tweeted something controversial once.

As cancel culture continues to trend around the world, we must ask ourselves if it’s gone too far. It hasn’t gotten out of hand yet, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep in mind that people have their own opinions. We all make mistakes and change our views on important issues. Therefore, the things that we said years ago shouldn’t follow us for the rest of our lives. 

Let’s strive to create an environment for open communication and respect for all opinions. Let’s all be mindful of our words and actions and think twice before we choose to cancel others for expressing their opinions. 

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash



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