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Our Government Continues To Let Us Down: Gun Laws Need To Change

On Monday, March 27, 2023, a shooter entered a school in Nashville, Tennesee, and shot six people. Following the shooting, two police officers shot the shooter. 

When I heard about the shooting on TV, my heart sank. Another shooting. Another group of people who have to cope with the trauma of a tragedy. Three children left their houses on Monday only to never come back home. Three teachers came into work thinking it was business as usual, only to never re-enter the school building. Six families have lost loved ones because someone was selfish enough to destroy other lives, and that doesn’t sit well with me.

I’m heartbroken and terrified, but most importantly, I’m angry. 

I’m angry that because of gun violence, children are losing their lives. I’m angry that we don’t pay teachers enough to deal with this or respect them enough to listen. More than anything, though, I’m angry that our government isn’t doing anything to prevent this from happening in the future. Not a single thing.

Sure, we can prepare kids, have lockdown drills, and buy them bulletproof backpacks. But when are we going to open our eyes and realize that what we’re doing isn’t enough? 

The government worries about TikTok, but they don’t seem to care about school shootings. They don’t care about the fact that we’re losing both students and teachers in mass shootings at school — a place that should be safe. 

But people are worried about losing their gun rights.

When they don’t pass gun laws, our government is saying, “Kids and teachers are facing active shooters, and we’ll send thoughts and prayers. At least we still have our gun rights!” 

Are you f*cking kidding me right now? 

We’re so concerned that we’re going to lose the right to bear arms and “protect ourselves” that we’re allowing murderers to buy guns and shoot up schools. 

And the government’s solutions? “Oh, just arm teachers with guns or hire more security guards for the schools.”

Why is that the answer? Why are we adding even more guns to the scenario? Why aren’t we tightening gun laws? 

It shouldn’t be easy for people to buy guns. Something needs to change. 

And before you turn and say, “People will just find loopholes to gun laws” or “It’s not fair to the people who use guns properly…”.

Sure, I can see where you’re coming from, but it’s even less fair to those who lose loved ones, and we need to do something to prevent these tragic events.

I’m just one semester away from becoming a teacher and I’m terrified. I’m considering a new career path — and I haven’t even started my time as a teacher yet. 

Our approach to guns needs to change, and it needs to change now

I shouldn’t have to come to work fearing that I may not leave. I shouldn’t have to worry about having to safely hide 25 children in my classroom. And I shouldn’t be scared to pursue a career that could ultimately help a lot of children. 

I’m so over the government’s response to school shootings.

F*ck your thoughts and prayers.

They won’t help our pets understand why we didn’t come back home. They won’t help our families feel whole again. And they won’t bring back our teachers and students. 

Our gun laws need to change now, and if they don’t, this issue will only get worse. We shouldn’t have to lose any more young students and passionate teachers to gun violence. 

Featured image via Heather Mount on Unsplash



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