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Why You Should Choose Adventure Over Routine


We all strive for stability in life –whether that be a stable job, stable income, or routine hobbies to support ourselves. After all, we’re taught consistency is key to success.

And when everything is stable, we have less to worry about. There’s seemingly no stress; no worries about uncertainty and no concerns about challenges. However, little do we know that this mindset is limiting us. 

If everything is going smoothly, and we’re so stuck in a routine, will we be able to learn more about ourselves and self-reflect? 

We’re all multifaceted, but by sticking to a routine, we may not be able to learn more about our other interests. We’ll stick to our same old interests and life will start to get boring. We may desire more. We may crave more. 

But not only that – what happens when an unpredictable event occurs? 

Let’s say you attend college in a new city outside your hometown. You meet new friends, attend interesting lectures, and jam to music during club meetings. But one day, all of that changes. Your parents call you and inform you that a family member has passed away, and you must pack your bags and traverse back to your hometown. 

You’re shocked. Everything was going so well until you had to leave your dorm in a quick manner. You stay there and sit there, stunned. You are grieving not only a family member, but the routine you desired. You know nothing will be the same at this point. 

However, you later come to realize that the event was out of your control. You cannot decide when family emergencies happen, but at best, respond to it. 

When you come back to your college dorm, you later realize how different it is without your family member. You feel queasy every day and lock yourself in your room. Your diet changes and you no longer feel the urge to interact with anyone. 

School clubs are no longer the answer to make you happy. Going to lectures is a different story. Dragging yourself out of bed feels more like forcing yourself to walk on eggshells. Your routine is no longer the same. You spend most of your year sitting inside your room, watching Disney+, and figuring who you are. 

And that’s when perhaps you will realize that routine isn’t the answer. 

There are factors out of our control which disrupt our routine. And by having a set routine, we will find our plans hardly falling in place. As a result, we have to be adaptable as much as possible. But the only way to be adaptable is by seeking adventure. 

When you’re seeking adventure, you’re eliminating yourself from previous situations and forcing yourself into new experiences. It sounds scary and dangerous at the beginning. But sometimes, it’s the only way for you to discover more about yourself and the world. 

The more you seek adventure, the more you’ll learn how to roll with the punches and respond to situations. You’ll begin to face more challenges and be able to tackle them in a heartbeat. It’s difficult at first, but as time goes on, you’ll learn how to adapt. 

So, let’s go back to the previous story. 

When one family member passes away, you then decide to pass time by painting. You paint your emotions and thoughts, googling and youtubing tutorials. You find it therapeutic and slowly, your roommates begin to notice your new hobby. 

Your work gets submitted into an art show and one day, you’re invited to display your work across campus. 

So by seeking adventure, you’ll learn how to care for yourself in difficult situations. 

You’ll learn that there are other activities you can try out of your comfort zone, and decide to pursue them as much as possible. 

Even though adventure seems dangerous at first, it prepares you for the worst and helps you respond accordingly. You’ll be your own police and paramedic. But if you stick to a routine, you’ll be more focused on how your plans got disrupted. In the end, life is all about adapting and trying new things. So routine, although seemingly the answer, isn’t always the best choice. 

After all, as Paulo Coelho said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal.”

Feature Image by Nina Uhlikova on Pexels



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