8 Ways To Meet Someone Without Using Dating Apps


As millennials, we tend to lean more toward online dating because it is the most convenient. But people seem to forget that there are other options. Outside of a dating site, you may be able to find someone who is compatible with you.

Here are seven ways you can meet people without having to swipe right.

1.  Meeting through a friend

My opinion is that meeting a potential love interest through a mutual friend is the best way to do so. A friend knows you well, so it is safer than online dating. Maybe you can try it with your friend who knows someone who might be compatible? It is impossible to predict the outcome, but that’s part of the journey.

2. Meeting at a bar 

Meeting at a bar is an ideal place to meet someone who could possibly become your partner.t I would also say it’s one of the best ways to get to know a prospective date. Moreover, there are always employees to assist you if the date gets too uncomfortable for you.

3. Meeting at a festival 

Meeting at a festival is one of the coolest ways you can meet your potential love interest and it’s also a fantastic way to connect with others. Festivals provide an ideal setting for people to meet and make connections. There’s often a wide variety of activities and attractions to enjoy, and the atmosphere is usually one of celebration and fun. This makes it a great way to interact with others in an informal setting, and it can be an ideal way to make a connection with someone who may become a potential love interest.

4. Meeting through a family member 

Meeting someone through family is one of the best ways to meet potential love interests since they know you best and will ensure you won’t get hurt.

5. Meeting at your place of work 

Although this is a bit risky, I also see it as a great way to meet a potential partner and get to know them. It is possible for both of you to build a relationship while maintaining professionalism and creating a comfortable environment.

6. Meeting at school 

It may sound strange to meet someone and develop an interest in them at school, but I think it’s best to meet someone when you’re out and about. You tend to feel more excited when you meet someone at random instead of meeting them at a time when you plan to meet them. Because of this, blind dates are also a great alternative to dating apps for meeting people.

7. Meeting on a college campus 

I think this is the perfect way to meet someone. You’re already surrounded by like-minded people your age at college. The education world is a good way to bring people together.

College campuses offer a unique environment for meeting someone, as they often provide a wide array of classes and activities that people can take part in. Additionally, they are often more relaxed and open than other social settings, making it easier for people to get to know each other. 

Ultimately, there are many other ways to meet your perfect someone without the help of a dating site. Let us know which one you would prefer.

Feature Image by Wiktor Karkocha on Unsplash


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