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National Dentist Day: 18 Relatable Memories From Childhood Appointments

Let’s travel back in time to when we were 8 years old. 

Mom, dad, or any other parent wakes us up at 8:00 am, forces us to sit in a car, and eat as much as possible. 

“What’s happening?” We ask. 

They respond, “We’re going to the dentist today.” 

You’re not sure how to feel. One side of your brain feels excited that you may have a chance to add new toothbrushes to your collection. But the other side of your brain is frightened of the machines and tools that the dentist will put in your mouth. 

Oh gosh, I forgot to brush my teeth again. I’m going to get caught! You think to yourself. 

And here’s what you may remember from the dentist: 

1. Waiting for your appointment

You arrive and sit in the waiting room. Your parents check in. 

2. The TV screens in the waiting room 

“There’s nothing else to do, so I might as well watch TV.

3. Dentist walking in

Your dentist arrives, calling your name. You follow them to your room. 

4. That chair

You enter the room, sit on the chair, and the dentist pulls that paper apron in front of you. You have to take your glasses off. 

5. That blaring light 

The overhead light that’s always in front of your eyes. When the dentist does that, you know it’s game time.  

6. Those random, scary-looking machines 

The dentist then takes a random metallic tool and tells you to open your mouth. 

7. Struggling to keep your mouth open 

The dentist continues telling you to open your mouth. But you have to keep your mouth open for an hour. You rarely exercise your jaw muscles, and it becomes a struggle. 

8. When they spray water 

Yup, pretty self-explanatory. 

9. Vacuum time

You’re finally happy to relax your jaw a bit. You don’t have to keep it open anymore. 

10. When the inspection begins

Oh gosh, more tools again!

10. When they pick at your teeth 

What are they doing? This is gross! 

11. That X-ray machine

Sometimes, the dentist will use this machine. They first give you a special vest and then place some paper chips in your mouth. The dentist then leaves, and you’re sitting there alone. Ow! 

12. That one-minute rinse

You know the moment when the dentist gives you some fluid and tells you to keep it in your mouth for one minute? That was perhaps one of the most difficult challenges of your life. 

13. The feeling after the appointment is over 

You’re ecstatic! 

14. Treat bags 

The dentist gives you treat bags filled with toothpaste and toothbrushes. You thank them for their time and head home. 

15. The food trip after the appointment 

Time to eat food now that 30 minutes passed!

But hold on. Other than our appointments, we also remember… 

16. Those dentist presentations

Remember how we used to have one or two dentists visit our school and lecture us about the importance of brushing our teeth? “Brush your teeth, or else you will get cavities.” How many of us truly listened though?

17. Those conversations with our dentists 

Dentists are cool people too. Props to them for having so much patience to work with us kids. 

18. Talking to our friends about the appointment 

We still do this as adults. 

For National Dentist’s Day, celebrate these memories by booking a visit to the dentist or sending them a thank you card. After all, it’s important for us to brush and floss every night. We don’t want cavities, regardless if we’re eight or 58. So props to our amazing dentists for giving us tips on our oral health routine. And we promise we’ll listen this time.

Featured image via Nadezhda Moryak on Pexels



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