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How Finding Awe In Everyday Things Can Ease Your Anxiety

When dealing with life’s daily trials and tribulations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Many people also live with anxiety which can contribute to worry and unease. When we add the pressures of society, family, friends, and the expectations we set for ourselves, it is only natural that we begin to feel out of control. But I believe that by taking the time to notice beauty and awe in our surroundings, we can find peace and tranquility.

I have been trying to be more intentional with carving time in my day to find mental balance. On some days, this means starting with a simple meditation, and on others, it’s about spending some time listening to a personal development book instead of music. If we are more intentional with the input we receive from social media and technology, we may find ourselves having more room for peace and joy. For example, reading a feel-good story on the news or smiling over a post a friend created about their newborn can add more happiness to our everyday routine. When we are more intentional about seeking joy, good things tend to follow.

We may not be able to physically go find something awe-inspiring every day, such as with a hike, but we can find small snippets of joy. 

Maybe it’s looking through our phone at pictures we took on a recent trip or re-reading a note a loved one sent us. Maybe it’s finding a way to bring joy to others, such as lending a neighbor a helping hand or picking up a small bunch of flowers for a coworker. Something simple like keeping a gratitude journal can be pivotal in our outlook for the day.

An article on Banner Health demonstrates the benefits of awe-spotting, saying:

Awe-spotting can help us focus outward and not on ourselves, thus pausing negative emotions or thoughts,” Dr. Srivathsal said. “By focusing outwards, we are able to connect with our surroundings, nature, and people. This helps us realize that there is much more outside of us than the negative emotions we might be facing. It can change your perspective and your way of life.”

With the upcoming holidays, our lives are bound to become more chaotic. With that, we are sure to experience more pressure as we secure menus for holiday events, timeline how to see all of our loved ones, shop for all the gifts, and try to find the secret family stuffing recipe. This is when it is most important to find time for peace, calm, and awe. 

Another way we may be able to find peace is to be more intentional with our time. 

We should all take time to reflect on how blessed we are to be spending time with our loved ones and send some empathetic thoughts to those who maybe aren’t so lucky. Some people are deployed and can’t see their family for holidays, while others might have just lost a family member. Some people don’t have any family at all. So, we should all be grateful for what we have and approach our lives with more awe and gratitude. 

Life throws us curve balls daily. But if we are more in control of our outlook on things, we won’t be so easily put off kilter. Do you have ways that you try to find awe and joy in everyday life? Let us know in the comments below, and may your upcoming season be one of peace and calm.

Featured image via Catalin Pop on Unsplash



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