Is the Cottage Core Aesthetic Here To Stay?

Trends come and go, but is cottagecore here to stay? Cottagecore draws inspiration from rural, traditional lifestyles, and it’s a cute, cozy way to dress or decorate. The idea of cottagecore developed in the past decade, but Tumblr popularized the style and even coined the term “cottagecore” in 2018.

Cottagecore idealizes and romanticizes nature and simple living, but ironically, it’s popular because of social media. TikTok has spread the concept of “cottagecore” around the world, and cottagecore influencers give their followers glimpses into their lives and homes. They show off their vintage clothes, use TikTok to document their time in nature, and furnish their homes with antique furniture and bedroom sets.

@crescentshay making my dream cottagecore dress (aka my daisy dress 🌼) – inspired by the strawberry dress! #diy #fashion #cottagecore #strawberrydress ♬ Line Without a Hook – Ricky Montgomery
@behindlemela Home 🤍 #sunday #sundaymirning #cottagecore #cottagecoreaesthetic #cottagecoreaesthetic🍄 #englishwildlife #cottagecoreaesthetics #sunsetview ♬ original sound – GemsOnVHS

Is cottagecore here to stay?

Many trends fade out with time, but cottagecore could last as long as social media is popular — which is most of its appeal in the first place. Our lives often revolve around technology, and we use social media, video chatting, and other communication platforms to work, talk with friends, and spend leisure time. Cottagecore is a reaction to our dependence on technology. After all, as our lives become more digitized, some people crave a return to a simpler, more natural way of living.

As technology continues to improve and develop, it will continue to dictate how we live our lives. New technology could see the cottage core movement reach new heights as more people need and escape from our increasingly digital world.

Although you might think that the cottagecore subculture will disappear as quickly as it soared in popularity, chances are, it’s here to stay. With technology dominating our lives, we yearn for an escape — and the cottagecore aesthetic is the cozy, comfortable blast from the past that we all need.

Photo by Adetola Salako on Unsplash


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