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7 Tips To Finding Peace When You Feel Overwhelmed

We live in a society where we are always on the go without taking a break. We have been conditioned that only if we continue to stay productive will we be successful. Because of that, most of us are not only trying to achieve the tasks at hand, but we’re also forcing our brains to stay four steps ahead, planning what’s next. Sure, there are plenty of tips that help, such as writing things down, scheduling wellness activities, and carving out time for self-care. But what they usually don’t mention is that when we are overwhelmed all around, these are usually the first things we toss to the side.

Here’s the reality of a situation: You have been living, dealing, and, if you’re anything like me, arguing with yourself for as long as you can remember. Only we know our internal dialogue. Only we truly know our true colors. We house all these emotions from circumstances we’ve gone through — good, bad, and everything in between. The truth is most of us are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally exhausted. We could all use a break from ourselves. So, below are some tips that may help you find peace and stillness, even if for a few minutes.

1. Guided meditation

If meditating is not your thing or you feel like it makes you fall asleep, start gradually. There are plenty of free and brief guided meditations online, and trying one can be a good way to clear the clutter from your head and find some stillness. If you find this helpful, try doing it a few nights a week before bed.

2. Journal

When all of your thoughts are caught in the hamster wheel of your brain, they just jumble around constantly. Releasing them on paper, and no one else should be privy to them, will help you get some emotional release.

3. Watch something mindless

When we’ve had a brain-absorbing day, sometimes it’s a good idea to watch something mindless. Throw on some cartoons or a sitcom that, even if you haven’t watched it before, can bring you some laughs and let your brain feel like mush for a minute. 

4. Try something new

When you try to master a new recipe or hobby, your focus turns to the task at hand. This can be helpful in disengaging from whatever other thoughts are crowding your cranium. 

5. Play an RPG

Games such as Catan and Dungeons & Dragons fully immerse you in the game and strategy building. This can be a nice way to keep your brain occupied with things you won’t need to be concerned with tomorrow. 

6. Call someone

Whether it’s your bestie or cousin, calling someone and asking them how they’re doing can be a thoughtful way to get the spotlight off of you.

7. Dive into a book or true crime podcast

Ask any book lover why they love books, and many will tell you it’s because they can transfer you into a different world, an alternate universe, and away from their current world. So, if you need time to stop your own intrusive thoughts, a book or podcast may be what does the trick.

Life is hard, y’all. So, do what you need to find balance in the mix. As you are the only one constantly in your company, do what you can to make it the best interaction possible. Find your zen and some things to be joyful over, and things may become a lot easier to handle.

Do you have any ways to relax, take a break, and disengage from yourself? Let us know below.

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels



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