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Taylor Swift Is Back On Her “Vigilante Shit”, And We Are Here For It

Taylor Swift is on her vigilante shit yet again. Midnights was released last night at midnight and it’s by far one of her most powerful albums yet. It goes through 13 sleepless nights and the mental turmoil that went into everything she has produced. Some of the highlights include “Snow On The Beach Ft Lana Del Ray”, “Anti- Hero” and “Vigilante Shit”. At 3am she released the deluxe version of Midnights which included an additional 7 tracks for us to scream at the top of our lungs while having a moment in our car. 

This is after a month of teasers and a lot of mayhem. If you kept up with Taylor’s Midnight Mayhem with Me on TikTok, she made every night chaotic. Every few nights she would release a track title with a “high tech” device at random. While she did her best to make sure it was random, let’s be honest Taylor does nothing by random. The last night of mayhem, she released 5 track titles and had all the Swifties up past midnight. If you swing over to Instagram reels, she released some back story on a few titles as well. 

The marketing for this album was absolutely phenomenal. The anticipation that came with this album was crazy through social media. The worst part was that this album was trending and the excitement was high and we didn’t hear anything on the album until the night it dropped. 

Many have claimed this is her darkest album yet, and I have to agree. The messages behind each song tell some of the behind the scenes battles she has gone through being a woman in the music industry. “Anti-hero” released all of her biggest insecurities and “Vigilante Shit” goes through her revenge. One of the best lyrics in the song is “I should not be left to my own devices, they come with prices and vices; I end up in crisis.” The essence of the song is that we are our own anti-hero with our insecurities and when we give our insecurities any kind of thought, we are rooting for our anti-hero

The “Anti-Hero” music video was also released this morning and I am just going to drop it below and do the talking for itself, because it is a wild ride. 

Completely unpacking this era will take all the swifties and probably the FBI to decode each hidden easter egg that she loves to hide. We will probably all be wrong though because Taylor Swift is truly a mastermind. The fan theories I went through prior to Midnights being released all made sense… Then Taylor twisted it and created something that also fits her easter eggs but is completely different than what we expected. 

This Midnight’s Era is truly revenge. 

Stream Midnights now on any music platform and get on your Vigilante Shit as well.

Featured Image is a screen shot from “Anti-hero” music video.



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