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4 Cozy Games That Are Perfect For Fall

It’s the beginning of fall, the most wonderful time of the year. The air is crisp, the weather is cooling down, and the nights are getting shorter. You’ll feel the crunch of the leaves beneath your boots as you breathe deeply into your pumpkin spice latte. It’s absolute perfection.

There’s something special about fall that makes me want to curl up in a soft blanket with a mug full of hot chocolate and get lost in a cozy game. September is the month for cozy game releases, and they’re perfect to begin the autumn season. Here are four new game releases coming out this month. 

1. Disney Dreamlight Valley

Imagine what it would look like if Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley had a baby inside of a Disney theme park, and you’ve got Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is a gorgeous life-sim adventure game with mining, fishing, and gardening. And you can’t forget your favorite beloved Disney characters, like Mickey, Goofy, and Wall-E! 

Your character must help bring back Dreamlight Valley and its inhabitants after a terrible curse — the Forgetting — took over. It’sup to you to complete quests to restore Dreamlight Valley to its former glory.

This game is seriously addictive. It is fun and wholesome, and it brings back all those nostalgic Disney vibes from when you were a kid. There’s so much to explore in this open world, so many characters to unlock, and tons of design options for both your character and the world itself.

You can purchase Disney Dreamlight Valley through a variety of consoles. It is available in different tiers for different prices — each with its own set of rewards and items. Keep in mind that in 2023, the game will be free to play. (But good luck having the patience to wait that long!)

2. Wylde Flowers

Take small-town vibes, inclusivity, and enchanting storylines, and sprinkle in some witchy goodness. Now, say hello to Wylde Flowers.

This game, originally available on Apple Arcade but now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam, follows Tara as she arrives on an adorable rural island, Fairhaven, to help her grandmother run their family farm. Farm, craft, fish, and care for animals by day, then learn witchcraft by night. Learn spells, brew potions, go for a broomstick ride and more! 

Wylde Flowers has a beautiful set of wonderfully diverse characters with fascinating backstories and the ability to form friendships and romantic relationships. Talented voice actors bring each character to life, and a real-life orchestra makes most of the music. Enjoy over 60 hours of immersive gameplay.

I’ve been looking forward to this game for ages. We all need a little magic in our lives!

3. Bear & Breakfast

Imagine that you’re a bear walking through the woods with your buddies, and you stumble upon an abandoned building. What better to do with it than to turn it into a charming bed and breakfast? 

In Bear & Breakfast, you do just that. Complete quests and storylines to unlock dozens of rooms to decorate and customize. Keep your customers happy to earn money and establish your reputation to attract more guests!

The more you play and unlock, the more you are able to explore the forest around you. Meet unusual characters who may — or may not — help you on your journey to building the best “bear and breakfast” in the whole forest.

4. Potion Permit

Potion Permit is an opensim game full of wonder and adventure. In the town of Moonbury, townsfolk live a traditional way of life, hesitant about learning the modern advances of the outside world. However, the mayor’s daughter falls ill, and traditional medicine doesn’t help. You need to cure the daughter’s illness and convince the rest of the town that modern medicine is the way to go.

Take care of residents who fall ill and need your assistance in finding diagnoses and cures. Gather ingredients to craft healing remedies in your cauldron — but be aware of the changing weather! 

Use tools to harvest berries and collect materials from the monsters hiding out in the wilderness. Build relationships with the townsfolk and upgrade your town. The best part? You  have a dog who joins you on your journey and helps you locate hidden items!

I’m looking forward to playing these games, and I hope you are too! What’s your favorite cozy game? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Michal Zych on Unsplash


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