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5 Ways Technology Enhances Learning For Students


Different people learn in different ways. If traditional textbooks and classroom settings don’t really work for you, you might want to modernise your learning process. Here are five great ways technology makes learning quicker and easier.

1. Diverse stimulation

Traditional classrooms mostly cater to visual learners. Students are stimulated via blackboards, whiteboards, pictures, video, or presentations. Occasionally there would be an audio recording. 

Modern technology has improved all that, but it also massively increased the level of interaction.

Virtual simulations (via smartboards, projectors, or other tech) include other learning styles too. For example, 3D models which show an object in full-dimensional space will help a tactile or kinaesthetic learner far more than a flat photo. Lessons in podcast form let auditory learners focus better and retain more information.

2. Smarter engagement

Involvement in class is a nightmare for teachers and students alike. Teachers dread a silent room; students dread being shoved into the limelight. Moreover, it can get incredibly tedious to just talk, or just sit and listen to someone talking. Traditional class formats aren’t cutting it anymore.

Technology breaks the stagnation and drives engagement on both sides. Video and audio materials, interactive presentations, web games etc. get people to want to participate actively. Teachers can act alive and be their own persons instead of reciting a script. This in turn stimulates students, lets them relate more easily, grabs their attention, and facilitates response.

Boosting engagement is essential to make the lessons stick. Fortunately, tech comes with analytics. You can track your own interactions with whatever learning technology your courses use. Your usage trends can give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses. That makes it easier to ask for specific help, or highlight the areas where you excel and get better grades for it.

3. International program accessibility

Remote education has experienced an exponential boom with the pandemic, but it was present before, too. There was the Open University, and many educational platforms offering distance courses. Remote learning comes in several forms: group call classes, live video stream of lectures, pre-recorded videos of lectures, booklets, and even school-approved at-home testing materials.

For example, let’s say you live in the US but want to study IT in New Zealand. Universities in NZ are known for their high international academic standards. They’re among the top places in the world to study cybersecurity, machine learning, software engineering etc. Two of the best unis to consider would be Auckland and Waikato.

So, let’s suppose you are interested in studying in Auckland. You can find some samples of Auckland University past papers that you can use to test yourself in any subject the University teaches. This is an essential benefit, because you can check your knowledge with tools that closely resemble what you will be facing in your own exams.

You get to experience a major aspect of NZ study programs before ever enrolling. That way you can make an informed decision about where to apply and what to pursue. You can literally browse around the world for the study program that suits you best.

4. Improved communication

This is perhaps the most obvious way that technology improves learning. Different channels allow for getting in touch in different forms. Email and social media are good for things that don’t need an immediate reply. You can write a polite e-letter to a teacher or casually reach out to a classman.

Apps like Slack or Asana enable real-time collaboration and are ideal for group projects when you just can’t get everyone in a room at the same time. Plus, you get accurate records of who did how much. Video conferencing software makes sure nobody is left out of lectures and you can organise study groups from the comfort of home.

Lastly, communication technology is a gradesaver for sick students. If they’re stuck home with a cold, they can still stay in the loop and contribute. When communication doesn’t depend on a physical room, people can participate and learn under circumstances that would’ve had them pointlessly isolated in the past.

5. Custom pace

Self-paced learning is gaining momentum. Even with deadlines for tasks, it helps to digest information on your own time. Just consider how many times you’ve looked up a YouTube tutorial on something you don’t understand.

This accessibility is ideal for students who also work. They can invest more or less time in their studies according to their everyday dynamics. Getting an education doesn’t have to clash with earning a living anymore.

To sum up, introducing technology into your environment makes learning quicker and easier in a few ways. You can choose the most suitable form of stimulation, track your engagement, try out the best programs worldwide, communicate more easily, and learn at your own pace from anywhere.

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova via Pexels


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