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11 Great Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

“It takes a village to raise a child” is an old adage for first-time parents. This, for the parents of the infant, means, you will need help and suggestions from the everyone (in the village) you meet on a daily basis to raise your child.

And if you have a friend who has recently been blessed with a baby girl or baby boy, it will be a brilliant idea to send them cute gifts for their neonate.

Here are 11 gift ideas for your friend who has just become a father or mother. This ingenious list contains some must-have items for daily use, few cool products that infants love, and a few for the festive occasions.

1. Baby Book

Baby books are like scrapbooks used by parents and grandparents to showcase special moments of their newly-born child.

A baby book has multiple pages, in which you can put the pictures of your child for whole one year and turn it into the story book of your child’s first year.

It makes a perfect gift for someone who has just become a parent and if your friend has become a father or mother recently, you must give it to him/her.

2. Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Baby bottles are not a common gift idea, but it indeed is an essentiality for the infant and the parents.

A mother may not be able to breastfeed her newborn due to her busy work schedule or be it for any reason. And if babies could speak, they would affirm that regular bottles do not feel real at all.

So, to help the baby and the mother, you can consider gifting a natural feel baby bottle. These bottles are made from safe and non-toxic materials and mimic real nipples to comfort the infant.

3. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament –

Help your best friend start a new tradition on festivities by gifting him/her an ornament for his/her baby’s first Christmas.

You can get your friend’s baby’s first Christmas ornament customized too to turn it into a memorable gift.

4. Mini Age Block –

There are countless Instagram posts that give parents an urge to mark the milestones of their kid’s growth and development week-, month-, and year-wise.

You can help your friend, who has become a father or mother a few days back, create such moments by sending mini age blocks to their doorsteps.

5. O Ball –

Infants love to play with O Ball. The best part is, the ball is soft and does no harm to kids at all.

By gifting your friend this toy, you will be helping him/her relax for hours for the next few months as O Balls are a flexible, award-winning toy that keeps the kids busy for long.

6. Baby Wrap –

Baby wraps make a great gift idea for new parents. Baby wrap is a thick, long piece fabric that you can knot, tie, or wrap around your kid.

It helps prevent injuries to the child while you pick and move him/her from one place to another. It also keeps the baby warm and comfortable for hours.

You can surely go with baby wrap, if you are looking for some cool gift ideas for infants or new parents. To make a difference, you can consider offering a baby wrap to your best friend.

7. Sassy Mirror –

Some people might not like the idea of gifting a mirror for infants and babies under one, but a funky, sassy mirror keeps babies interested for quite some time.

And this would certainly be a great relief for new parents.

8. Board Books –

Board books are one of the best baby gift options. These boards cum books are durable and contain stories along with pictures that interest the babies a lot.

You can surely gift some board books to your friend who has just become a parent. These books will help your friend tell stories of moral value to his/her child.

If Christmas is around the corner and you are looking for some festive gift idea for kids, you can consider board books that have Christmas- or Santa-themed stories.

9. Fabric Toy Bin –

A bin or basket of toys! It seems like a dream come true for infants and kids.

You can help your bestie and his/her child keeps their toys safe by gifting them a cotton toy bin. They will thank you for this later.

10. Warm Baby Boots –

Want to show that you care for your best friend and his/her newborn? Give them something that helps him/her take care of their child.

The best gift that fits into this definition is – warm baby boots. These booties are soft and warm, and will make an ideal option for baby gifts in winter.

11. Bucket Swing –

Bucket swings can be used indoors and outdoors both. One can take the swing along to camping as well.

Gift a bucket baby swing to your friend and help them see their baby smile and giggle.

There you have it. These are some of the cool and essential gift ideas for newborns and parents.

Do you have some cool gift ideas too? Share them in the comments!

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