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4 Fun & Easy Ways To Celebrate National Moon Day

In the United States, there’s a day dedicated to just about anything — including the Moon. This day was established to commemorate man’s first landing on the Moon. American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin landed on the Moon on July 20th, 1969. So, every year on July 20th, National Moon Day is celebrated. 

If you don’t have any plans but would love to celebrate, here are five simple ways you can do so:

1. Relax by Moon gazing 

The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. It’s beautiful to admire, especially when it’s a full moon. It has been proven that the Moon has relaxing effects on those who watch it. Since it goes through different phases, it stimulates feelings of positivity, gratitude, positive change, and self-reflection. Astrologists attribute each of these feelings to a different phase. So, on Moon Day, don’t forget to go out and look at the Moon, reflecting on all the good things that have happened to you. 

2. Share your love on social media

Since there are many Moon fanatics, it can be a good idea to take a picture of the Moon and share it on social media. When posting your pictures, post the location and time of the day. That way, others can admire how the Moon looks where you are. Plus, hashtags have been created so that we can admire other people’s photos. These hashtags include #NationalMoonDay #MoonDay #MoonLovers #MoonWatchers and #MoonPhotography.  

I have an Instagram page where I post pictures of the Moon. You can follow me on @1andonlycherrymoonlight2. I will be honored to take a look at your pictures. Hashtag me at #Moonshots. You can also find me on Pinterest

3. Have a Moon gathering

If you have friends who also enjoy Moon gazing, National Moon Day makes for a nice day to hang out. You can do many things. First, have a small picnic in your yard (or any open place) and watch the Moon. Bring your binoculars or telescope and take turns observing the Moon. Afterward, you can compare notes about what you saw, take pics with your friends with the Moon in the background, and share them on social media. In the end, have a light snack and enjoy one another’s presence under the Moon. 

If you cannot get together with your friends on that day, don’t worry. You can always plan a small Moon gathering another day — maybe when the next lunar eclipse comes around or the next full moon. 

4. Learn more about the Moon

You can enrich your knowledge about the Moon by visiting NASA’s website and reading about the first voyage to the Moon. NASA’s site has lots of beautiful pictures of the Moon as well as provides you with a list of future Lunar eclipses and many other interesting astronomical events. Plus, visiting your local planetarium is an excellent way to pay tribute to the Moon on this holiday. 

I hope that you’ll have fun on National Moon Day and find these tips useful. What are your plans for this day? Share it with us.

Photo by malith d karunarathne on Unsplash



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