Why “The House That Built Me” Is One Song That Truly Impacted Me

At some point in our lives, we come across lyrics that impact us in a great way and teaches us about hidden meanings.

When I think about the lyrics that have impacted my life the most, it would have to be these lyrics from Miranda Lambert’s song “The House That Built Me.”

If I could just come in, I swear I’ll leave

Won’t take nothin’ but a memory

From the house that built me 

These lyrics mean the world to me because they remind me how far I’ve come in life and how I need to keep going no matter how far my life will take me. They also remind me that I always have a home to go to, full of memories, full of happiness, and full of stories to be told. 

Listening to these lyrics also reminds me to spend as much time as I can with my loved ones and to not take any second for granted, because one day they’ll be nothing but a memory.  

The words also lead us back to our roots. It’s important for us to remember where we came from and how we gained our strength through society. And it’s also important to always stay humble, no matter what. 

You’ll never know where you’re going to be headed and who you’re going to be meeting, so it’s very important that you keep an open mind. You should be open once you enter into society and start meeting people and hearing their stories because they too had to start somewhere.  

Listening to “The House That Built Me” and hearing those three lines remind me to always go through life with a smile on my face. They remind me that  I’ll always have a story to tell and show people where I started in my life.

If I could just come in, I swear I’ll leave

Won’t take nothin’ but a memory

From the house that built me 

These lyrics also mean the world to me because they always remind me that family is the most important thing. They are the ones who built the house with you and showed you the ropes through your life. And you could always count on them because they’re always going to be there no matter what obstacles are in front of you. 

You should always keep family close and you should always remember where you started in life. Compare that to where you are today and keep it close and dear to your heart, because you never know what could happen in the future. 

Llife has no guarantees and things could suddenly change from one day to the next. And you don’t want to live life with any type of regret. That’s why these lyrics mean so much to me. They remind me that holding onto memories is a passionate thing and there’s nothing wrong with sharing your story with the world. There’s also nothing wrong with being who you are, because everyone comes from a different house that built them. 

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash


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