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5 Ways You Can Make More Time For Self-Care

‘Self-care’ has been the main topic of conversation for a long time. But we talk about it more than actually practice it — and I speak from personal experience too. And no one is to blame: Today’s busy world has made it difficult to prioritize some time for self-care. Starting from running late to the office to ending the day completely exhausted, I always forget to take care of myself. 

Still, not all is lost. I pledge to begin today from this very moment. I make a pinkie promise with myself to take some time for myself, and I want you to accompany me in this life-changing experience. Here are some ways I have come up with to find some time for self-care which you guys can also utilize.

1. Study yourself 

Everyone has their own way of finding peace and sanity in life. Personally, I find peace when spending at least half an hour telling God how I feel. But you may find it weird. In the same sense, not everyone likes to read books, but some cannot live without them. Not everyone likes gardening, but some are nature lovers. 

Everybody has a different understanding of what self-care means. And to find that one thing, you need to know yourself first. So study yourself and your interests. Only then can you find that one thing — or even more — that makes the bond with yourself stronger. 

2. Start the day early 

You know the saying: no pain, no gain. To find that extra hour only for yourself, you will have to practice some time management. Personally, my procrastination in doing daily chores is taking up all my time. And due to this, I am left with no time for self-care. 

So, if that’s the case for you too, try getting up early to get your work done. That way, you’ll make some room for self-care.

3. Burn the laziness out 

Exercise is the best form of self-care. Over the past few years, I have learned that nothing can heal my body as much as a good exercise routine. Most of the time, it’s my laziness that’s keeping me from performing my tasks efficiently. And exercise is the right way to go about it. 

Now, some might ask, “How is lifting some dumbells a form of self-care?” The answer is that lifting these heavy dumbells will let you know how strong your body is. Exercising helps you be more aware of your body and lets you know how much strength and endurance you actually havee. And knowing your strengths is the real victory.

4. Division is the key 

There are days when my crazy work schedule will not spare me even an hour for myself. But that doesn’t mean I consider these days wasted. Breaking it up is the way to go about it. 

If you find mental peace in yoga or consider exercise youer self-care, then spread the yoga or exercise session throughout the day. So, when you have some spare time, dedicate it to yoga or exercise. No matter how many chunks you divde the exercise into, you’ll still accomplish the task. And that’s what matters. 

5. Know your worth

Many of us have been neglecting our health for some time now. We often take our health for granted and exhaust our bodies to the point until we start feeling fatigued or even sick. 

Youth is not eternal, and your body needs a lot of care. And for that, exercise is the best thing. Living a sedentary life damages your body and weakens your immune system. But regular exercise can keep your body in excellent shape until a very old age. You need to know your body’s worth — after all, that’s what drives you to the end. 

In the age of loving everyone around us, we often forget to love ourselves first. It happens to all of us sometimes. But finally, I decided that it’s time for all of us to change that and focus on our health. Between taking time to self-reflect and working out, I hope you find these above-mentioned ways helpful in setting your day in a way that helps you grow and remain healthy.

Featured image via Hassan OUAJBIR on Pexels



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