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5 Things You Need To Declutter ASAP In Your Apartment

Our homes are a definition of who we are. But often as humans, we are too attached to our belongings, so we may need to declutter. This can lead to an accumulation of unnecessary items. We all want to keep our homes clutter-free, clean, and organized. Sometimes it is hard to let go as we feel guilty. So, if you are experiencing “a decluttering brain fog,” here are things to start throwing away right now. 

1. Expired Medication

Go into your medicine cabinet and look at the expiration date on every container. Throw away all your expired medications. Be sure to remove the label, so no one is tempted to use them after discarding them. Also, get rid of any prescribed/unexpired meds that haven’t been used in 6 months. They’re not as effective as they were before. 

2. Expired Cosmetics/Skincare

Make-up is fun. But it does expire. Get rid of any lipstick that is gross. Lip glosses and nail polish with the ingredients coming apart should be tossed too. Skincare that feels itchy on your skin and has changed color must go. Check your make-up and skincare periodically (every three to four months) to make sure it is wearable. There’s a pan symbol with a number and a letter found on the label that shows the lifespan of your cosmetics (M for months, Y for years). That indicator can help as a guide to know when it is best to replace your make-up/skincare. 

3. Clothing

If your closet is so full that you cannot find that specific garment; it’s time to declutter. What’s more, get rid of clothes that no longer fit. You can toss them or turn them into cleaning rags. Dressy clothes that were purchased for that special occasion that hasn’t been attended can be resold at Poshmark or eBay. Likewise, the same rule applies to shoes. 

4. Don’t forget old underwear!

Get rid of any stained garments that have no fix. If the elastic of your lingerie is too loose and/or unthreaded, that’s a sign of excess wear. It is better to replace them.

Quick tip: If you feel wasteful for getting rid of so many clothes. Also, remember there are donation bins located in many places. It will make the decluttering more rewarding knowing “your trash” will be used for a good cause.

Another tip: if you tend to lose your socks after washing; wear them mixed-matched. It is fun, and it saves money on new socks.

If you choose to declutter your home, these are some great tips. What are yours? Share them with us in the comments below!

Featured image via Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels



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