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6 Myths About Dating A Musician Debunked


About a year ago, my life unexpectedly changed when I met the love of my life, who happens to be a musician, through a mutual friend. 

While going steady with my partner, I quickly discovered that there are a ton of myths and stigma surrounding dating musicians and what it’s truly like to date someone in the music industry. 

Here are six of these myths debunked.

1. They are bound to have commitment issues. 

This is one of the biggest myths that I’ve had to debunk in the past year, several different times. Your partner being a musician doesn’t mean that they’re bound to cheat on you. My partner’s one of the most honest, loyal, and compassionate people that I’ve ever met, even though he has a career that causes him to interact with many different people and things. 

2. They have a sense of entitlement because of their profession.  

It absolutely drives me crazy when people assume that my partner has a sense of entitlement because of his career choice. In fact, that’s far from the case. My partner is the most down to earth person I’ve ever met and doesn’t let his popularity get to his head. 

3. They are set in their own ways and not willing to try new things. 

When it comes to dealing with this myth, I have to laugh because this is the furthest from the truth. My partner is the biggest daredevil I’ve ever met. He is always trying different things and up for any challenge.

4. They all are highly addicted to wild parties.

This stigma is really a myth! Just because you’re dating a musician doesn’t mean she or he will be automatically addicted to a fast and wild party life. Granted, some musicians are, but not all musicians want to take part in that lifestyle. 

5. They don’t have long-term goals for themselves or the future.

I always have to shake my head when people tell me that I shouldn’t be dating a musician because they don’t have long-term goals for themselves or other aspirations. The truth is musicians are just like everyone else with different careers. They have many talents with future goals for themselves. 

For example, my partner wears many hats. He’s a radio show host personality and an aspiring writer. He has many great things planned for the future, and so do many other musicians.  

6. They are not willing to adapt to your routine because they’re used to their routine. 

When I first broke the news that I was dating a musician to my girlfriends, they sat down with me and expressed their concern about my partner not being able to adapt to a new situation since he was used to living the bachelor lifestyle. Truth be told, my partner has adapted to our new routine quite well and we are just blossoming. 

Ultimately there’s always going to be people who have something to say about the type of person you date. If you’ve ever dated a musician, which one of these myths have you heard? Let us know in the comments down below!

Feature Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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