5 Things Every College Student Needs For Their Car

If you’re a college student and you drive, you need your car to be ready for campus. Maybe you’ve looked into Hyundai or one of Hyundai’s electric cars, but no matter the model, it’s important to deck your car out with everything you’ll need to drive safely at your new school. Here are five must-have items for your car:

1. AAA Membership 

Safety should always be your top priority on the road, and that starts with an American Automobile Association (AAA) membership. AAA provides important services, like roadside assistance, automotive repairs, motor advice, and traffic safety tips. Every college-age driver should have a AAA membership – you never know when you’ll get into a sticky situation! 

2. Phone Charger 

Most cars have at least one USB charging port integrated into the infotainment system or dashboard, but there are still a few cars out there that don’t. If your car doesn’t already have one, a multi-USB charging adapter is a must, especially so that you and your friends can charge your devices when you’re on the road. 

3. Dash Camera 

There are lots of people on the roads these days, so using a dash camera is an excellent way to stay on top of what’s happening on the highway.  If you have a dash camera, and someone crashes into you, you’ll be able to identify their vehicle if they don’t take responsibility. But dash cameras are fun, too – you can use them to record your driving adventures with friends! 

4. Item Organizer 

An item organizer that fits into the trunk or cargo bay of your car is a handy college must-have. If you drive to campus, you can take your textbooks and notebooks in your item organizer so that they arrive safely. It’s so much better than just throwing everything in the back seat and finding it squished and crumpled when you arrive at school!

5. Heated Travel Cup 

If you’re a fan of coffee or tea – especially after a long night of studying – you’ll want a heated travel cup in your car. You can plug it into your USB port and watch it keep your coffee hot during your morning commute. That way, you don’t have to drink (coffee) and drive – you can wait until you get to class!

If you’re a new college student, make sure your car is as ready for school as you are. These five must-haves will help you stay safe on the road and make your car the place to be!

Photo by Jonas Junk on Unsplash


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