10 Songs To Listen To While Getting Your COVID Vaccine

Getting the your vaccination for COVID-19 vaccine can be pretty scary, but music can be a great way to ease the nerves you might have. Here are some songs to put on your perfect COVID-19 vaccine playlist.    

“It’s The End Of The World”- R.E.M 

This is the perfect song to listen to before or after getting the vaccine. At first, it might feel like getting this vaccine is the end of the world, but this song will help you remember that this obstacle is just temporary and everything’s going to be fine.   

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” – Green Day  

This is one of the best songs to listen to when you’re about to get vaccinated. When someone pokes you with a needle and the stinging begins, you might want to wake up when everything’s over. Fortunately, your vaccine will only take a second!

“Birthday Party” – AJR 

If you’re looking for a song to help you relax, AJR has the perfect song for you! “Birthday Party” will take you to a happy place… even when it’s not your birthday and COVID-19 doesn’t make life so happy.

“Boundless Love” – John Prine

Calling all hopeless romantic country fans! If you prefer dreaming about falling in love over thinking about your COVID-19 vaccine, this song is perfect for listening to when you’re on your way to your vaccination site. If your partner is going with you, then this is an even better listen!  

“Eye Of The Tiger” – Survivor 

Need some motivation when you’re about to get your vaccine? This is the song for you! All the tension that you might feel before they vaccinate you will disappear, and “Eye Of The Tiger” will help you fight through the scary moment when they stick you with that needle.  

“I’m A Survivor” – Reba 

Who better to pump you up for your vaccine than Reba herself? If the COVID-19 vaccine overwhelms you, then this is a great song to remind you that you will survive your vaccination. When it’s all over, play this song again – you did it! 

 “Africa” – Toto

Want to travel the world even though COVID-19 makes it difficult? “Africa” is perfect for that moment when you daydream about getting on a plane and traveling the world. When you get your vaccine, remember that you’re one step closer to going on that African safari! 

“Malibu” – Miley Cyrus

Play this relaxing song right before you get your vaccine. It’ll help you calm down and remind you of all of the beachy adventures that you’ll have when the world is back to normal again!

“Everybody” – Backstreet Boys

If you feel nostalgic for the good times way, way before COVID-19, start the (vaccination) party with “Everybody!” This is the perfect song to help pump you up for your vaccine or to start a dance party to on the way back home! After all, who doesn’t love the Backstreet Boys? 

“Hello Old Friend” – Eric Clapton

“Hello Old Friend” is the perfect tune for anyone who hasn’t gotten a vaccination in a while. No one likes a needle stick, but if you listen to this song ahead of time, you’ll say “hello, old friend” to that annoying little needle when they poke you. This song will give you the confidence to remember that you can face anything – even this vaccine.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine can be pretty scary, but this playlist will comfort you through it all. Remember that the sooner you get your vaccine, the sooner we can all put pandemic life behind us!

Photo by dusan jovic on Unsplash



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