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12 Things All Women Are Nervous About Before a Hookup

Do you ever get this weird little fear before leaving for a first hookup with someone? These deep, dark, pre-hookup fears aren’t typical, though. As women, we have been conditioned to be ashamed of our deepest insecurities and fears surrounding sex. So we end up feeling alienated. 

But the truth is, we all have the same fears, and they’re all totally normal. So without further ado, here are 12 common concerns all women have before a hookup.

1. Being worried about the person seeing my butt hole.

I hate to break it to you, but if a guy has sex with you doggy style, he’s going to see your bum hole. It’s normal, but so is the fear of this happening. Just don’t think about it. 

2. Being murdered during my dick appointment. 

We’ve all been in those sketchy situations, and the fear of the worst happening is absolutely valid. Always make sure you’re safe.

3. The bush situation.

Whether it’s your bush or theirs, most of us panic a little before the pants come off. Will they like my mini bush? Will I have to go through a forest before I find the golden ticket I want?

4. Receiving a look of disappointment when they see my naked body. 

As sad as it is to say, we’ve all been there. It’s something that happens to even the most confident women. Just know if this ever happens, they don’t deserve to have your body. 

5. Being unknowingly taped by a secret camera. 

You never know what’s going to happen when you enter a hookup’s bedroom. And the fear of being secretly recorded isn’t irrational because it’s happened before to people. I just pray it stops happening altogether because it’s disgusting.

6. They’ll see my body acne. 

Every single person has experienced acne in some shape or form. If your sexual partner can’t accept a boob pimple or shoulder acne scar, they’re not mature enough to be having sex. Period. 

7. I’ll forget to fake pleasure when I need to. 

Sometimes you need to fake an orgasm to speed up the process a bit or boost his confidence. We’ve all been in a situation where we forget to fake it and get stuck having boring sex.

8. That my period will come during the hookup or right before. 

This is common and has happened before. There’s also a smooth way to get out of this situation: Lie and say that your pussy was torn if you notice you got your period mid-sex. Blame it on how big he is to boost his ego and not gross him out. 

9. That I’ll fart. 

Farting during sexy time is not cute. But farts happen, whether they’re from the bum or vagina. 

10. They’ll judge my pussy, boobs, or ass.

I cannot reiterate this enough, but if they openly judge you or make you feel judged, pack your shit and get out, girlfriend. They are not adult enough and not worth it. 

11. That I’ll get an STI. 

This isn’t even funny to joke about because almost every woman has had this fear. And what’s crazy is that a lot of women have had this become their reality. Wear condoms, people. 

12.That they’ll ghost me as soon as I leave after sex. 

This is a totally valid fear, and no one is alone in thinking this way. It’s so common in this toxic hookup culture. If they do ghost you, they’re pieces of shit. 

Whether you’re insecure about something, have “irrational” fears (which are actually very rational), or have any concerns at all, it is okay to feel it all. You are not alone in these thoughts, and I can assure you almost every woman shares them too. 

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