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10 Spring Fashion Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

As spring slowly arrives, many of us are looking forward to the warm weather and longer days. Instead of worrying about the dreaded snow, we can now take a walk outside of our homes, respecting the social distancing measures, and admire the scenery. But are there any other ways to celebrate the blooming flowers? Yes:  through fashion. 

Here are ten fashion trends you should include in your spring 2021 season wardrobe:

1. Trench Coats

If you’re living in a colder climate, you may want to pack that winter parka away and opt for a trench coat. These coats are long, stylish, and a classic staple for a businesswoman. They also look great when paired with a suitable blazer and dress pants. 

2. Floral Prints

Spring screams flowers, and floral prints certainly match this vibe. Plenty of stores are already selling these designs, ranging from Hollister to Romwe. Imagine purchasing one and taking a picture in a field filled with sunflowers while dancing. Instagram or TikTok much? 

3. Tie-Dye Pattern

Are you a fan of psychedelic art and the ‘60s in general? Unleash your inner hippie or boho self through a T-shirt or dress with a tie-dye pattern. You can DIY these at home as well by dying a plain white T-shirt with food coloring! Now, you’ll look like a walking, colorful rainbow. 

4. Puffy Shoulders

Nothing screams volume, girly, and flirtatious more than a puffy-sleeved dress. Made with ruffles and designed with huge silhouettes, this unique design hailing from the Renaissance era is now returning. Who doesn’t want to look like a medieval princess? 

5. Crochet Sweaters

Not a gal who prefers the blingy and flashy, high-sleeved outfits? If you prefer a homely and customized feel, choose a crochet sweater made out of strong knits. These are snuggly and comfy for the cold, dark spring days when the rain never seems to stop pouring. 

6. Wide-legged Jeans

Goodbye skinny jeans, you were so 2000s. And hello, wide-legged jeans! Thanks for introducing us to a new season of fashion. We’ve definitely seen these baggy jeans all over TikTok and other social media since Gen-Zers love to wear them with collars. But what’s more, these jeans are comfy for both indoor and outdoor wear. And we all want comfort these days. 

7. Trousers

Along with wide-legged denim jeans, trousers are back too. If you’re working from home, you definitely need these for Zoom meetings and relaxing. 

8. Wrap Skirts 

No one expected skirts to have an extra flare or two. But wrap skirts proved us wrong. If you prefer your garments to have more asymmetrical emphasis, the wrap skirt is for you. 

9. Bubblegum Pink Outfits

Tired of the neutral tones reminding you of the quarantine? Pick a color and style your daily outfits based on those shades. For spring 2021, pink is on-trend as it signifies renewal and optimism with an adorable twist. 

10. Collars on Shirts 

Similar to the wide-legged jeans, we’ve seen shirts with collars all over TikTok and Instagram. Gen-Zers love wearing sweaters on top of their polo shirts and layering it with the bottoms. Now, everyone seems to be wearing it everywhere. 

So, who’s ready for spring? Show your love for the season by wearing some new floral prints, wrap skirts, colorful outfits, or any other outfit you want. Remember to revamp that winter wardrobe while waving goodbye to those baggy snow pants. 

Featured Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels


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