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10 Things You Do If You’re An Expert Pet Owner

All pet owners can agree that having a furry friend is an incredible experience. It adds value to your life, you always have company, and these fluffy animals actually help in reducing stress and anxiety. However, along with all these benefits also come many frustrating yet hilarious moments. So if you own a cat or a dog, then check out these 10 hilarious moments when you know you’re officially an expert pet owner.

1. You pull cat/dog hair out of your mouth.

It’s no surprise that both cats and dogs shed. If your fluffy friend has especially long hair or fur, it’s vital to groom it regularly. However, regardless of how often you do it, there will always be a moment when you’re watching Netflix and randomly find a single strand of your pet’s hair in your mouth. How did it get there? We will never know.

2. You pull small objects out of their mouths.

In this regard, pets are like toddlers — whatever they find goes into their mouths. It can be anything from a random piece of foil, a toy, or a string, your pet will definitely want to inspect by using its tongue. However, in order to prevent your pet from choking, it’s probably best to ensure that everything your four-legged companion can reach isn’t too small.

3. You’re an expert at cleaning puke.

That’s probably one of the least glamorous parts of being a pet owner, but it happens. Occasionally, your pet will get sick, eat something bad, or (if you have a cat) cough out a furball. On the plus side, you won’t be squeamish around puke after a while.

4. You can smell pee everywhere.

Puppies and kittens tend to mark their territory with pee and until they learn where to relieve themselves, they might choose your carpet instead. With all that pee cleaning experience, you will feel as if the odor is everywhere around you. Don’t worry, that will pass.

5. You have that one messy spot that your pet loves so you won’t clean it up.

Whether it’s a chair with blankets that you no longer can use or a random box that your cat claimed as their own, that specific spot belongs to your pet now. And quite honestly, you’re thrilled that they found a better spot than the middle of your bed.

6. You notoriously use “baby voice”  on them.

I’m a firm believer that people who refuse to use baby voice on pets are evil. Simply looking at the small and furry friend will make you want to talk to them in that high-pitched voice.

7. You have several names for your pet.

Your pet has an official name, but you probably also call them by anything from Mr. Muffles, Fluffy Puppy, and Fluff the King. It’s completely normal, and for some reason, your pet still knows that you’re referring to them.

8. You take a photo before solving the problem.

Your cat could be stuck on the curtains, hanging there, and you will still record the funny moment first before helping your purrfect friend out. As long as your pet is safe, having some proof of their craziness is definitely necessary.

9. You make up songs for your pet.

Using your pet’s name and turning it into a song will become your second nature. If you’ve had a pet for a while now, you’ve definitely sung to your pet about everything they’re doing and how adorable they are at least once. And you’re convinced they love it.

10. You never move when your pet lies on top of you.

It’s the cardinal rule of owning pets, it’s non-negotiable. Once your dog or cat chooses you as their sleeping spot, it doesn’t matter if you’re thirsty, need to use the bathroom, or your leg fell asleep, you have to stay put. After all, it’s the greatest compliment your pet could give you.

Owning pets is a huge responsibility, but it’s also a treat. If you own a little animal friend, then you definitely identify with most of these points, and there’s no shame about it. Taking care of a pet requires responsibility and commitment that, at the end of the day, will be incredibly rewarding.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Engin Akyurt on Pexels



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