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7 Tips For Saving Money At Target That Everyone Needs

We’ve all been here: You head to Target for a few essentials, but somewhere along the way you end up roaming the entire store. By the time you make it to the register, your entire cart is full, and the cashier confirms that you spent over $200. Yikes!

If you’re trying to avoid this scenario, learn these seven tips for saving money when shopping at any Target store: 

1) Make a clear shopping list.

It’s best to stay organized before you shop. Prior to running to your nearest Target store, ask yourself what items you need. This will help you craft a specific list that can help you avoid the other items. 

2) Buy in bulk.

If your favorite snack or other essential comes in bundles, try to buy the bundles instead. You can save more money in the long run without continuously purchasing the product. This not only saves you from throwing away extra cash, but you’ll also find yourself spending less time on travelling and waiting in line. 

3) Compare prices at different locations. 

Similar to other big-box stores, items at different Target locations will have different prices. For example, the Target near your house may not be discounting your favorite cosmetics, whereas the other one more than a mile away may have that same item on sale. A good way to know the deals at different Target stores is to visit BrickSeek.com’s inventory checker. After this, you can plan an effective penny-saving trip. 

4) Request a price adjustment when needed.

Target currently has a policy where the price can be adjusted within 14 days after you purchased the item. This is called their “Price Match Guarantee” policy, and you only need a receipt to qualify for the discount. So after you purchase a product, keep the receipt for two weeks and check the brochures and website to observe further sales. 

5) Shop on specific days.

Apparently, most Targets follow a secret schedule for marking down their products. On Mondays, electronics and accessories are discounted whereas on Tuesdays, women’s clothing is marked down. If you want to purchase a new makeup kit at Target, try to make a trip to the store on Fridays. And if you need some toys for your baby cousin, go on Thursday for a mini shopping spree. 

6) Use coupons!

Coupons are literally a life-saver, especially when you’re shopping for multiple high-dollar items. You can find some coupons on Target’s official website, and even on other retailer-discount sites such as Retail Me Not. However, before using the coupons, be sure to check the terms and conditions. 

7) Purchase discounted Gift Cards. 

You can download the Target app and purchase a discounted gift card from Gift Card Granny. Therefore, whenever you go to a Target store, you can save up to 3% off. It may seem like a small discount, but remember the cliche “a little goes a long way.” 

If you find yourself overspending on items from Target, try these seven strategies to minimize the damage on your next Target run. Although we focused on purchasing items from Target, keep in mind that some of these strategies are applicable for other stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, or K-Mart. Regardless of which store you visit, you should always research for coupons, promotions, and other deals while staying organized. Have a wonderful time shopping!

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