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6 Simple Ways To Combat Your Anxiety When It Feels Overwhelming


If you live with overwhelming anxiety, you may feel like it’ll never go away. However, there are many ways that you can manage your symptoms. Here are six ways to combat your anxiety:

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves acknowledging and accepting your anxiety but not letting it control you. Therefore, you can use mindfulness techniques to make space for your anxiety and learn to cope with it. If you let yourself feel your anxiety instead of pushing it down, it may actually feel less overwhelming. There are several ways to accomplish this. Meditate or list the best- and worst-case scenarios for a situation, and then brainstorm what is most likely to happen. If you want to start smaller, you can learn simple deep breathing techniques and positive affirmations.

2. Physical Activity

One of the best ways to relax is to participate in physical activity. If your anxiety overwhelms you incorporating an exercise routine into your daily life can help decrease stress. Exercise also released endorphins, which are calming chemicals that your brain instructs your body to produce. So if you feel restless or jittery, go for a run, practice yoga, or join an exercise class, or simply go for a walk. 

3. Ranking Triggers

Sometimes writing out and ranking your stressors from one to ten can help you cope with them. This way, you can shift your focus to the stressors that you think that you can handle the most easily. You can also think critically about which stressors are internal and which are external. In some situations, dealing with the external stressors can be easier than coping with the internal ones and vice versa. Deciding which stressors to prioritize can help you feel less anxious.

4. Medications And Therapies

Many prescription medications can help mitigate anxiety and stabilize your mood. However, these medications aren’t for everyone. Some people feel that they can manage their anxiety without medication and opt to try talk therapy or alternative therapies. An increasingly popular alternative therapy is CBD oil. CBD oil is said to calm anxiety without subjecting someone to the psychoactive effects of THC.

5. Avoiding Stressors

Sometimes the best thing to do when you’re dealing with anxiety is to temporarily avoid stressors. Avoidance doesn’t always work, but in times of socio-political unrest, avoiding watching the news can be a great help. Don’t overwhelm yourself with things that don’t serve you.

6. Exposing Yourself To Triggers

Alternatively, you can choose to intentionally face situations that make you anxious. Over time, planning to encounter stressful situations can lessen your anxiety. If you know that a trigger is coming, you can mentally and emotionally prepare to handle it. For instance, if speaking up for what you want makes you anxious, send back your drink at your favorite coffee shop. As you practice, your anxiety will decrease.

If you struggle with anxiety, try out one of these tips. These suggestions will lead you to a happier, less anxious life.

Featured Photo by Stephanie Greene on Unsplash.



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