6 Companies To Apply To If You’re Looking For A Fashion Internship

If you have a dream for fashion, looking for the right company can be  difficult  during the  application process. We all want our fashion dreams to start  at a big brand and build from there. However, given the current circumstances, landing a gig suited to our efforts and skills may be difficult. Since many fashion brands have closed their application process due to COVID-19, students often find themselves lost on where to begin their search. Luckily, some fashion brands with big names continue to open more opportunities for interns. Many of them are versatile, which makes them suitable for every student’s liking.

If you’re ready to begin your fashion career, try applying to some of these companies listed below:


Known for its remarkable visual merchandising tactics, a creative-minded intern will enjoy their time working in this boho-chic inspired store. Although the brand caters to middle-aged women, students will be able to get a taste of the consumer behavior world. Some opportunities can be buying, design, e-commerce, finance, information technology, production, and planning. For those who love the business aspect of retail, your boss babe journey can potentially start at the headquarters of Anthropologie.

Urban Outfitters

Mixed with polaroid cameras, vintage-styled jeans, and edgy-chic tops, everyone in college can resonate with Urban Outfitters’ . . Many of us visit  UO occasionally to revamp our wardrobes, but nothing is better than working at the store. No experience is better than rearranging merchandise and providing customer service. Even with most of the retail industry online, an intern can still learn about the ins and outs of ordering and shopping.

Joe Fresh

Founded in 2006, this company is one of Canada’s leading fashion product retailers with over 1450 locations. Unlike other brands, Joe Fresh focuses on the classic, essential styles with polished colors. They also offer  diverse range of sizes from XS to 3X. For those who are seeking a social media or public relations position, Joe Fresh is one of the best places to build experience. Additionally, interns can also participate in photoshoots with creative agencies and gain knowledge in influencer marketing.

Kate Spade

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to buy colorful purses and clothing? An intern at Kate Spade will have the ability to attend a speaker event every week, enjoy free product samples, and learn how to do manicures (yes, seriously!). The company also has a lot of departments open for internship opportunities, which means it is quite  possible to find a position suits you. Also, keep in mind,  your experience  at Kate Spade will also include  a lot of fun and collaborative projects. This internship will be exciting for those who love to meet new people.

Alexander McQueen

Sometimes, we all want a  hint of edginess to  our outfits. To express  this fully, why not intern at Alexander McQueen and find out about the different aspects of the company? This designer brand is known for its avant-garde approach to fashion – just look at their shows. Before interning with the company, be prepared to learn and stay motivated by the grueling work hours. While may be stressful at times, experiencing the logistics of a designer brand is worth the hard work.

Viktor and Rolf

If you’re interested in conceptual and avant-garde designs, another promising company is Viktor and Rolf. This company  offers a range of womenand menswear, bridal gowns, and fragrances. For those looking to expand their fashion illustration and design skills, Viktor and Rolf offers many opportunities to hone your creativity and technical skills through portfolio consultations and backstage fashion show experiences.  The small company creates a cozy environment, interns can be involved in every step throughout the design process.

For those who are seeking an internship with a large company, try handing d in your resume to one of the companies listed above. The fashion world has a place for everyone.  Even though internship opportunities are competitive and hard to obtain, taking the initiative to work at a fashion company will definitely be a dream come true for many of us. After all, it is definitely great to implement what you learned in school into practice. 

Photo by Flaunter on Unsplash


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