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Free Donut Fridays: 6 Ways You Can Celebrate The End Of Summer At Dunkin’

It’s already August, the “Sunday of Summer.” It’s hard to believe in a few short weeks, we will be rolling into fall. Coffeeshops start their transition from refreshing drinks to pumpkin-spiced everything. Summer isn’t over yet! We still have many days left in August, and we should enjoy every minute! And what better way to enjoy these days than with free coffee!?

Dunkin’ Donuts knows that Mondays can be hard—even in the summer—so why not give people something to look forward to! For the first three Mondays during the month of August, Dunkin’ Donuts is giving their DD Perks Members a free medium hot or iced coffee with the purchase of food! Yes, free coffee to go along with your wake-up wrap, bacon, egg, and cheese, or whatever your tastebuds prefer! Additionally, Dunkin’ is also bringing back Free Donut Fridays! With the purchase of any beverage, DD Perks Members will receive a free donut! Starting the week with coffee and ending it with a donut, that makes for a sweet August! 

To take part in the Free Coffee Mondays and Free Donut Fridays, you need to enroll in the DD Perks Program (which is free to join!). Simply download the Dunkin’ app or visit DDperks.com, create an account, then head on over to your local Dunkin’! It’s that easy! The DD Perks Program gives its members five points on every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. Once you accrue 200 points, you can get a free beverage of any size at any participating Dunkin’ locations! You can also use the app to order ahead. There are so many benefits to being a DD Perks Member! But if you want free coffee you need to sign up soon because Free Coffee Mondays end on August 17! 

I love Dunkin’s coffee and have been a Perks member for a while now. I look forward to its new flavors and often like to combine them to make some delicious beverages. To celebrate the Free Coffee Mondays, I have included my top 6 favorite coffee syrup/shot combinations to get at Dunkin’! Enjoy!

1. Caramel & Coconut Iced Coffee:

 One pump of the caramel swirl combined with a coconut shot makes your coffee taste like a Girl Scout Samoas cookie!

2. Mocha & Raspberry: 

One pump of the mocha swirl combined with a raspberry shot makes your coffee taste like a chocolate-covered raspberry!

3. Mocha & Hazelnut: 

One pump of the mocha swirl combined with one pump of the hazelnut swirl and your coffee tastes like Ferrero Rocher or Nutella!

4. Mocha & Pumpkin: 

The pumpkin coffee is good on its own, but combine it with one pump of the mocha swirl, and you have yourself an extra sweet treat! 

5. Mocha, Almond, & Coconut:

 This one was recommended to me by one of the workers at Dunkin’! One shot of the mocha swirl, two shots of almond, and one shot of coconut makes your coffee taste like an Almond Joy!

6. Mocha, French Vanilla, & Blueberry: 

One pump of the mocha swirl, two shots of French vanilla swirl, and two shots of blueberry makes your coffee taste like a blueberry pie with a hint of chocolate!

So, what are you waiting for?! Enjoy a free cup of coffee on Dunkin’ Donuts and give some of these specialties a try!

Featured Photo via Dunkin’



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