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If You Refuse To Wear A Mask, Then You Don’t Care About The Lives Around You

When the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged a few months ago, no one thought that something as simple as following health guidelines would be so highly politicized. However, with more and more recommendations and rules coming each day, the drama is only increasing.

It’s no secret that recently Facebook has been filled with meaningless fights, but as the news continues to report that people are only becoming less compliant with the doctor-recommended guidelines and rules. While it’s been proven masks are perfectly safe to wear in public, there are still people who refuse, using a lack of personal liberty as their reasoning.

But you know what would really take away someone’s freedom and liberty?

Dying because they interacted with someone who refused to wear a mask during a trip to the grocery store. When someone refuses to wear a mask, social distance, or obey health guidelines, they are stating that they don’t care about the lives around them. 

Complying with simple rules is not a hard task. Parents who choose to not wear masks or to not have their kids wear them are teaching their children that it is okay to be selfish and you don’t have to follow guidelines, even when they are set by professionals. 

Some argue that wearing a mask doesn’t have any effect on the spread of the disease. This is part of reason why the virus continues to spread. Wearing a mask is not to prevent you from getting the virus. However, it will prevent you from spreading the disease to someone else. 

The main reason behind the spread of the virus, is through droplets. Although, a mask won’t prevent you from breathing on another person, but it will prevent the droplets from your mouth from reaching the air when they are stopped by the mask. This prevents others inhaling them. In many cases a patient was completely asymptomatic,but resulted in testing positive for COVID. It’s now even more important than ever to ensure that you are doing all you can to not spread the virus. Even if you feel fine, you could still be passing the virus to those around you. 

No one ever said wearing a mask is a fool-proof way to prevent yourself from getting the virus. But wearing one can help prove to society you care about others enough to participate and wear one If you choose to be ignorant and not follow the guidelines, you are setting a bad example. Worst case scenario, you could kill someone, so do the easy thing and simply wear a mask.

Featured Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash


  1. Know I don’t care about you or anyone else I care about myself. It is not my responsibility to take care of you, besides have you seen how these so called mask wearers are wearing them. Down off their nose, around their necks like garlic and down around their chins. How does that make them any less selfish your word than I not wearing one. you want to were one be my guess but you are the selfish one because you want me to wear a mask because some one like you who are scared to death of this nonsense won’t stay home so I have to cater to you. That is the very definition of a selfish person. So call me what you will. I don’t care because no I could care less about you or yours.

  2. You wear a mask because you are concerned about covid. Good for you. I’m not concerned about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and I don”t wear a mask. If I catch covid, it’s my fault and I’ll deal with it. It’s called freedom and responsibility.

  3. Forcing the entire population into masks is abusive, tyrannical, unhealthy & unnecessary. Forcing people to do anything against their will should be universally condemned especially when it comes to children. There are no long term, peer reviewed, scientific studies that show cloth and paper masks do anything meaningful to stop a virus but there is an ever increasing mountain of evidence that show that long term mask wearing is detrimental to our health both mentally and physically. Treating paper and cloth masks like they are the gold standard of fighting a corona virus is disingenuous and dangerous b/c, without any evidence that they actually work, it only fuels a false sense of security and ultimately puts the most vulnerable in our society at MORE risk. I would much rather do things that actually work like washing my hands, taking my shoes off at home, practicing social distancing and eating/practicing a healthy diet/lifestyle. As a parent, I teach my kids to do the same….Its also not fair to assume that everyone can just slap on a mask for hours at a time at work or school….not everyone can handle wearing them and the level of discrimination going on against those who cannot tolerate masks is inexcusable & discriminating….this is yet another reason why I object and refuse to comply. I dont usually comment on articles but this particular one was ridiculous enough that I felt the need to reply…


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