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‘Wining’ Is The Latest Quarantine Trend That Should Be Here To Stay

People are finding so many unique ways to pass the time and stay sane during the pandemic. From impromptu Zoom parties to concerts via Facebook Live, the possibilities are endless. Society is finding new ways to socialize with friends and neighbors while still respecting social distancing guidelines. One trend you may not have seen yet: wining.

Another way to put it is to “be wined,” and it’s a sensation that’s spreading to cities across the country. In a nutshell, the idea is to surprise your friends with baskets full of goodies, including wine (of course), hard seltzers, snacks, and other wonderful self-care items!

Think of it like “wining and dining” someone — except there’s no dining, and it’s from a safe distance.

I tried it for myself and have had a blast. Even in the local Facebook group that I’m in, I’ve seen so many awesome stories and pictures from ladies receiving wine baskets from complete strangers.

It’s fun to see the joy it brings others. Moreover, this is such a wonderful way for women to build each other up during this trying, stressful time. You never know what kind of day someone might be having, and how much a selfless effort like ‘wining’ someone can brighten their day. For example, a few days ago I was having an absolutely awful day, but much to my surprise there was a basket on my front porch! It really lifted me up from the fog I was in. Sure, the wine and other goodies were wonderful, but the real reason for my joy was the fact that someone chose me to surprise. Someone went out of their way on their own time to come to my home to surprise me with a gift. That effort is priceless.

It’s just as wonderful a feeling to be the one to send the gift. It was such a fun experience when I ‘wined’ some people I knew simply from the local Facebook group. In fact, it was much more satisfying being the gifter this time around! Shopping was so exciting as I tried to figure out what to include in my goodie bags. 

I included a bottle of wine, a can of flavored hard seltzer, some candy, a candle, and a few other self-care items. I arranged them in a gift bag, tossed in some tissue paper, and I was ready to go ‘wining’! It was exhilarating exploring my town and dropping off gift bags at a random stranger’s residence.

The best feeling of all was watching these ladies open their doors to their gifts and seeing their surprised, joyous faces. 

If you’re looking for a way to spend your extra downtime and bring a little light into this complicated world, I strongly recommend you try ‘wining.’ The recipient can be a closed loved one, a distant friend, or a near stranger. It’s amazing to see how much it impacts someone when you show them that you care.

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