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Let’s Keep Thanking Our Medical Workers Even After The Pandemic

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During this pandemic, medical workers around the country serve as heroes on the front lines. They spend hours upon hours working hard to save lives. In fact, many work around the clock because there just aren’t enough doctors and nurses to handle the thousands of patients showing up in local emergency rooms. 

Many of my friends work as nurses. While we all sit at home and socially distance, these people can’t. Instead, they are working in overdrive during this difficult time. They worry that they may pass the virus on to their families, yet they go to work and save others anyway. 

Although many of us are showing doctors and nurses our love and appreciation right now, we shouldn’t stop celebrating their heroic efforts when the pandemic ends. In fact, I hope that when this is all is said and done, we will treat those in the medical field exactly the way they deserve to be treated. 

We shouldn’t just thank them, though. We should remain patient and understanding when we go in for routine check-ups or emergency room visits. And we should shower them in gifts and gratitude just because we recognize how difficult their jobs really are. 

Why? Because they do this job every single day even though it’s draining, it takes them away from their families and exposes them to countless illnesses and diseases.

I also hope that once this is all said and done, our country recognizes that our healthcare system needs a major overhaul. We need to ensure that facilities are staffed and stocked with needed equipment and that insurance is more widely available at affordable rates. We should also work on helping nurses and other hospital staff better working conditions and vacation time because they definitely deserve it!

To all the amazing doctors, nurses, and medical workers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep doing what you’re doing. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever realize. And not just now, but always.

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