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New Twenty One Pilots Song Is A Hit For Couples In Quarantine

On April 9, 2020, Twenty One Pilots released their new single, “Level of Concern.” The song begins with the singer saying “the world has gone insane” and that he hasn’t felt this way since he asked her to go steady. He is expressing a feeling everyone can relate to- panic.

But on a deeper level, he is expressing doubts about the strength of his relationship.

He’s concerned that they will not be able to make it through this. He expresses that their levels of concern are different. He’s worried about the quarantine, but also their relationship. He tells her that she can bring down his level of concern and all she has to do is tell him they’re alright, tell him they’re okay.

Couples in serious relationships are all dealing with quarantine in different ways. I know a couple who was supposed to get married and decided to just go ahead and do it despite the quarantine. They plan to celebrate with friends and family later. I know another couple who have been unable to see each other in weeks, living in different counties.

Whether you are quarantining together or separately, both come with challenges. Being apart for long periods of time can be difficult for some couples, particularly those who express love through physical touch. Not being able to give a hug or cuddle or even simply hold hands can be emotionally taxing.

On the other hand, living with your partner comes with a whole new set of challenges, especially if you have never lived together before.

Dealing with the various stresses of quarantine combined with learning how to share your space is a lot to do all at once. When you are quarantined together, you cannot get away. You have no choice but to talk your feelings out, maybe argue, but hopefully come through it stronger.

The singer asks her “Will you be my little quarantine?” They are at a point in their relationship where they have been going steady for some time, but he is still unsure of where they stand. Is she willing to quarantine with him, “or is this the way it ends?”

My fiance and I are both still working right now, so it is impossible for us to quarantine. We both see our coworkers every day plus I see over 50 residents. We’re still living in separate houses so we worry about our families that live with us. We are grateful that we are still able to have an income during this time (hello future apartment/furniture fund), but every time we go outside it increases the risk of exposure. However, we were fortunate enough not to worry if we will make it through this time.

If you are a couple wondering if you will make it through, here is my advice- you will either learn how to get through a stressful situation together, or you will grow apart. I guarantee this will not be the first difficult time that you endure, but if you have a strong foundation, you can get through anything.



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