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8 Calming Things To Do Instead Of Worrying About The Coronavirus

Lately, a lot of us have freaked out about the Coronavirus pandemic, but there are plenty of things we can do besides worry. Here are eight things you can do instead of worrying about COVID-19:

1. Reconnect with family.

Reconnecting with family is the perfect way to distract yourself from all of the COVID-19 news. Take this time to fix any broken relationships in your family or use your family’s support to help you cope during this difficult time.

2. Do household chores. 

Now has always been the best time for spring cleaning, but doing household chores can also distract you from news about the pandemic. If you take this opportunity to clean the house and catch up on your responsibilities, you’ll feel much calmer and love that your space is clutter-free!

3. Patch up past relationships. 

Whether you had a falling-out with a friend or your last romantic relationship ended on a sour note, use your new free time to apologize and forgive. Even if your friendship will never be the same or reaching out to your ex doesn’t lead to a beautiful love story, you might finally find the closure you’ve wanted. 

4. Catch up on work.

Whether you’re in school or have a job, the pandemic is the perfect time to catch up on all of the work you’ve procrastinated. Show your boss that you take your job seriously, catch up on homework, or study hard for your next test. You’ll see the rewards of your hard work later!

5. Try a hobby you enjoy.

If the Coronavirus pandemic has given you some extra free time, use that time to reconnect with your favorite hobbies. Choose a hobby you love to help calm your mind or practice a hobby you’d like to improve at, like writing, painting, sculpting, or playing an instrument. 

6. Binge-watch your favorite shows.

 Binge-watching your favorite TV shows or movie series can help you calm your paranoia about COVID-19. If you have Netflix, you can even try the new “Netflix Party” feature, where you watch wit friends and can chat with them as you watch! 

7. Pay your bills. 

If you’ve been procrastinating on paying your bills, now is a great time to catch up and sort out your finances. Taking note of where you spend the most money and where you can cut back will help you, especially in these uncertain economic times. 

8. Improve your diet.

Living through a pandemic can affect your eating habits, so take this time to make sure that you’re eating well. Make sure that you eat three meals per day and a few snacks, and try to keep your choices healthy so that you have plenty of energy. 

The Coronavirus pandemic is scary, but if you find yourself paranoid about the virus, use these tips to distract yourself. There are so many better things to do than worrying, so take this time to do what you want and improve your life.

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash



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