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Netflix Renewed ‘Love is Blind’ For 2 More Seasons & Here Are The Details


I personally have always been a fan of reality television. I am a broke college student who does not pay for cable. However, I am grateful that I can borrow my parents’ Netflix account and satisfy my reality TV cravings. Netflix has been putting some great viral and trending reality shows lately as streaming platforms become more and more universal. Some of these shows include “The Circle,” “Back to the Ex,” and — most recently — “Love is Blind.”

In fact, the news just broke that Netflix is renewing “Love Is Blind” for two more seasons.

If you haven’t seen it yet, let me just say that it’s one of the cringiest reality television shows out there. Essentially, each of the contestants is looking for love… but there’s a catch. The participants must develop connections with one another before they get to meet face-to-face. In fact, they’re required to propose before they can even see each other! Once the couple enters an engagement, they spend two weeks together in-person before they decide to move to the wedding.

In theory, the show proves whether or not love is really blind and if people can fall in love without physical attraction.

If you love reality television or just need something to watch during self-distancing boredom, then you’re probably excited about the “Love Is Blind” renewal.

However, the show needs to make a few improvements during these next two seasons.

For starters, “Love Is Blind” really needs more diversity. We need to see a wider array of ethnicity and also some LGBTQ+ couples. Also, why not mix up the age range? Older couples deserve love, too. Besides, more contestants with different ages would have helped us avoid hearing about Jessica and Mark’s age difference over and over again.

Also, the producers could really add some more excitement into the episodes themselves. How about a couple’s therapy or pre-marital counseling episode? They could also add some couples’ games like relay races (think “Are You The One”). There could also be more focus on each contestant’s background, like where they grew up or their hobbies. After all, we’d all love to know more and play matchmaker in our heads for a bit!

Finally, can we please get rid last season’s hosts? Nick and Vanessa Lachey aren’t really that great. In fact, they don’t bring the “it factor” that this show needs for future seasons.

Overall, I think the new seasons of “Love is Blind” will live up to the hype, especially since the first season helped the producers learn. I am super excited to see what the new seasons of “Love is Blind” will come up with. Here’s to more cringey discussions about age differences and yelling at the television while we watch complete strangers find love!

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