Twitter is Trolling Vanessa Hudgens Pretty Hard After Her Insensitive COVID-19 Comments

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is making headlines after she expressed a very insensitive opinion on the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine in general.

Hudgens, who, just like many of us, is very bored in quarantine, did a makeup tutorial on Instagram Live Monday night and answered her fans’ questions. When asked about the quarantine potentially lasting until July, she had a very harsh opinion.

“Sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t.”

And just when you thought it was bad enough, it got worse — all with a ditzy sounding tone of voice.

“Even if everybody gets it… Like, yeah… People are gonna die, which is terrible, but like… Inevitable?”

As she went on a mini rant, once she began receiving backlash, she said, “maybe I shouldn’t be doing this right now.” Taking her own advice, she kept applying makeup and unapologetically kept going on as if nothing happened.

She addressed her controversial take on Tuesday, claiming her comments were being taken out of context and that she’s not taking the situation lightly — despite what her remarks implied earlier in the week.

To me, they were taken exactly how they were implied. But that’s just my humble opinion.

Less than an hour after her video apology was posted to her Instagram story, she tweeted a formal apology acknowledging she’s sorry and that she understands the severity of the situation.

Not so shockingly, Twitter went into a spiral about the controversy (you know, because we have nothing else to do while in quarantine and we love a good cancel party).

I agree. She seems like a selfish, uneducated snob.

She did it to herself.

I couldn’t agree more!

Maybe then Vanessa Hudgens would realize how disgusting her words were.

Everyone keeps talking about her moan — seems bratty to me.

I’m really glad that this tweet exists — it educated not only Vanessa but also all of Twitter about the harsh reality people are facing. It also reminded us how important it is to use our platforms to inform others of what’s really going on. Classes might be canceled, but she just took us to school.


I knew I never liked Gabriella. #TeamSharpay

Sorry girl, we gotta go our own way.

She’s seriously a savage… But not in the good sense of that word.

I hope Ms. Darbus realizes the monster she created…

I always secretly knew Camp Rock was better than HSM.

Harsh, but true. Oh, so painfully true.

It seems to be the only thing she has going for her these days. And even Coachella’s canceled.

I will never get sick of these High School Musical 2 memes.

I think this is the bigger issue at hand as well. Now, if only Zac Efron will do the damn dance!

Kind of coincidental that this is making its rounds after the scandal broke, isn’t it?

Ironically, at the same time Vanessa was on her apology tour, a huge story broke out regarding Oprah Winfrey and a huge sex trafficking scandal. Coincidence?

At least we have Ashley Tisdale to keep us smiling!

In all seriousness, I think it’s disgusting that Vanessa used her platform to say such insensitive things during such a terrible time. I thought she promoted peace and unity, which is clearly not the case. People can defend her for “being high” and “not meaning it because she was under the influence,” but the damage is done. She’s 31 years old and she knows what she said, even after a half-assed apology.

Will Vanessa Hudgens recover? Will Coachella let her back? And will we all be out of quarantine before July?

Tune in next time for what else could possibly go wrong amid COVID-19.

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